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Disability Resource Center (DRC) Handbook

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October 2009

Table of Contents

Foreword: How to Use This Handbook

1. Mission

1.1 Terms and Definitions

2. History of the DRC

3.  Concept of Operations

4. Reasonable Accommodations

4.1 Reasonable Accommodations Overview

4.2 Interactive Process

4.2.1 Disability Determination by Supervisor/Decision Maker

4.2.2 Needs Analysis

4.2.3  Develop a Consensus on Accommodation(s)

4.2.4  Assistance and Referral with Out of Scope Accommodation Requests

4.2.5  Written Agreement of Accommodation(s) Provided

4.2.6  Acquisition of Items/Services

4.2.7  Accommodation Request Closure Notification

4.2.8  Accommodation Request Follow-up

4.3 Assistive Technology

4.3.1 Assistive Technology Training Security Escorts for Assistive Technology Trainers

4.3.2 Assistive Technologies Purchased Through CAP

4.3.3 Property Agreements

4.4  Reasonable Accommodation Maintenance and Replacement Policy

4.5 Contract Services

4.6 Sign Language Interpreting Services

Contact Information

4.6. Overview of Sign Language Services

4.6.2 Information needed for all interpreting requests

4.6.3 Event Planning

4.6.4 Reasonable Accommodation Process for Interpreting Services

4.6.5 Things to Know About DRC’s Sign Language Interpreting Services

4.6.6 Requests for DOT Headquarters and FAA DC locations

4.6.7 Format for Headquarters Sign Language Interpreting Requests

4.6.8  Late Requests

4.6.9  Modifications to Requests

4.6.10  Cancellations

4.6.11  On-Going/Recurring Requests

4.6.12  Request Confirmations

4.6.13  Sign Language Services for Field Offices and the Greater United States

4.6.14  Security Escort for Sign Language Interpreting Service Providers

4.7  Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services

4.7.1  Security Escorts for CART Service Providers

4.8 Personal Assistance Services in the Workplace

4.8.1  PAS on Travel (Service Provided Through DRC Contract)

4.8.2  Invitational Travel for PAS

4.8.3  Security Escorts for Personal Assistance Service Providers

4.9 Reader Services

4.9.1 Scope of Reader Services

4.9.2 Requesting Reader Services as a Reasonable Accommodation

4.9.3 Limitations of Reader Services

4.9.4  Security Escorts for Reader Services Providers

4.10  Interim Accommodations

4.11 When a Decision Maker disagrees with the DRC

5.  Program Access

6. Recruitment and Retention

6.1 Employment of Persons with Disabilities – Departmental Selective Placement Program

6.2 OA Selective Placement Coordinators

7. Technical Assistance

8. Training and Outreach

9. Section 508

10.  Scooter Loan Program

11. Services Outside the Scope of the DRC

11.1  Ergonomic Chairs

11.2  Monitors and Other Computer Equipment

11.3  Keyboards

11.4  Personal Use Items

11.5  Architectural/Infrastructure Modifications as a Reasonable Accommodation

11.6  Job Restructuring, Teleworking, Reassignment

11.6.1  Provision of Assistive Technologies in the Telework Environment

11.7 On-Demand or Full-time PA, Reader or Sign Language Interpreter

Appendix A: DRC Staff Positions and Responsibilities
Appendix B: Forms
Appendix C: Helpful Resources on the Reasonable Accommodation Process

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