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Technology Strategy, Planning and Assessment


Demands for new and agile business functionality is paving the way to advanced tools and technologies, innovative process models and the ability to ensure products are secure, tested and certified. The Office of the Chief Technology Officer has become the focal point and traffic cop, ensuring compliance with enterprise standards and maximizing utilization of common infrastructure systems and procurement vehicles, bringing together DOT’s best technologists through working committees and other collaborative forums. The Department of Transportation is preparing to introduce a “next-generation” IT environment that will proactively address evolving and the future business demands. Furthermore, in 2011 DOT will fully deploy organizational resources to ensure our customers are provided critical and sustainable support including but not limited to:

  • Technology Assessment and Solutions
    The DOT OCTO will engage in functional assessment, technology and security testing/evaluation, and solution development to modernize the existing infrastructure. OCIO is working to create a standard approach to implementing new technologies within the DOT framework to ensure the highest level of security and the lowest level of individual effort in the deployment.
  • New Media Services
    The OCIO is provides web and business intelligence and information visualization systems to support rapid multimedia deployment of information in accordance with the government’s emphasis on real-time information delivery. Expanding the DOT New Media presence will encourage user outreach and enhanced strategic communications.
Last updated: Wednesday, April 16, 2014