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Business Technology Alignment and Governance


The Office of the Chief Information Officer provides information technology alignment and business value by addressing business needs of the enterprise; instilling robust and disciplined processes that include a business and information architecture as a foundation; putting into effect a robust Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) program to align with the Department of Transportation mission and support business needs; achieving common IT leadership and best practices in IT portfolio management through a Project Management Office (PMO); ensuring the robust and strategically aligned Open Government Plan is implemented while managing the risks associated with openness; and adopting a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT services. Specific IT alignment and value services include:

  • Building Business/Information Architecture
    The OCIO instills robust and disciplined business/information architecture. It drives agency-wide decision-making from an integrated strategic and business perspective, identifies and targets specific areas for eliminating redundancy, provides opportunities for information sharing and supports evolving business needs.
  • Portfolio and Project Management
    The OCIO establishes the PMO that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. The primary goal of the PMO is to standardize project management policies and processes, and to become the source for best practices’ guidance, documentation and metrics related to managing and implementing projects within DOT.
  • Open Government
    The OCIO is continuing, as a leading member of the DOT open government leadership team, to facilitate the initial strategic planning pieces of the Open Government Directive and to lead the coordination of all technology-related requirements. DOT recognizes that the directive is about affecting real policy and internal culture to ensure that our department is truly more transparent.
  • Enterprise-Level Records Management Program
    The OCIO is beginning to establish an enterprise-wide Records Management Program and provide guidance and oversight for all DOT Operating Administrations. OCIO works to serve the other OA communities by providing policies, procedures, standards and technology for the refinement of the modal records management programs throughout the DOT.