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Professional Development Program (PDP)


The PDP provides two years of entry level career development that consists of on-the-job training, diverse development assignments, geographic and occupational mobility, and participation at the Professional Development Academy.

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Candidates selected for the Professional Development Program must be willing to maintain geographic mobility not only within the development program but throughout their careers. The location of a participant's first assignment upon completing the development program will primarily depend on the needs of the FHWA.
Open To:
The PDP program is for college graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher to serve in a variety of occupations, with Business, Financial Management, Civil Engineering, Planning, and Environment currently among the top disciplines for the FHWA.
Individuals may be appointed at the GS-07, GS-09 grade levels. For salary information visit:
Open year-round
Selection Process:
Qualifications assessment will be made by Human Resources.
Appointment Type:
The FCIP appointment will expire at the end of the two-year internship period. Interns who successfully complete their internship and meet all citizenship, suitability, qualification, and performance requirements may be noncompetitively converted to a career or career conditional appointment. Note: "Career" status applies to individuals who serve a 3-year probationary period under the competitive service - the PDP program will only satisfy 2 years. Note: This language content will be revised shortly.
Program Contact:
For additional information Contact: Juana E. Sosa at 202-366-1753. or email at
Last updated: Friday, March 27, 2015