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Andrew Orndorff

Chief Information Security Officer

Andrew joined the Department of Transportation (DOT) in March 2015 as the Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO) for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the department. In his role of ACIO/CISO, Andrew oversees the cybersecurity and information assurance programs at DOT, both operationally and strategically, with specific emphasis upon maturation of the cybersecurity risk management capabilities and program; policy, oversight and compliance activities; protection of DOT information systems; and development of new cybersecurity services and capabilities to assist the agency in responding to new threats. Andrew also serves as a senior advisor to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and other senior leadership on matters of cybersecurity strategy and policy.

Prior to his position as ACIO/CISO, Andrew supported DOT in a number of other roles, including leading the DOT New Headquarters IT project team that built the IT systems and networks for the current DOT headquarters facilities, information systems management for the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (now the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology), and IT systems development and operations for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Andrew has more than 25 years of experience in information technology, including IT operations and support, application and system development, enterprise architecture, project management, and cybersecurity. He received his BS from Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Design.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 9, 2016