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Call to Action: NRSS

DOT safety strategy collage that features (left to right) a bicyclist crossing the road in front of a stopped motorist, pedestrians boarding a transit bus, two children walking on a sidewalk towards a school bus, and a motorcycle turning in traffic.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has a responsibility to make our roadways safer for everyone; we also recognize that we can’t do it alone.

The success of the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) will require action from everyone.

We need you—government at all levels, law enforcement, industry, nonprofit and advocacy organizations, researchers, and beyond—to do your part to implement the Safe System Approach to make our streets safer for people.

Quote from Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg: When it comes to roadway deaths, we have a crisis that’s urgent, unacceptable—and preventable... We cannot and must not accept that these fatalities are somehow an inevitable part of life in America. Join Us

Join the NRSS Call to Action and tell us what specific actions you’re taking in 2024 to reduce serious injuries and deaths on our roadways.


We’ll share what you’re doing—or planning to do in 2024—to inspire others to commit to action and help us make meaningful progress toward our vision of zero roadway fatalities.

Allies in Action

Allies throughout the public and private sectors, advocacy and community groups, researchers, and beyond have committed to taking specific action in 2024 to reduce serious injuries and deaths on our roadways.

See who’s committed to taking action and what they’re doing to improve safety on our roadways.


Why We Need This

Our Nation's Roadway Safety Crisis

Explore interactive data visualizations to learn about the significant impact of motor vehicle deaths in our communities and where progress is being made in eliminating roadway deaths.

On January 27, 2022, USDOT released the National Roadway Safety Strategy, a comprehensive approach to significantly reduce serious injuries and deaths on the Nation’s highways, roads, and streets. Through the NRSS, USDOT committed to a national vision of zero roadway fatalities and identified priority actions it will take in pursuit of five Safe System objectives:

  • Safer People: Encourage safe, responsible driving and behavior by people who use our roads and create conditions that prioritize their ability to reach their destination unharmed.
  • Safer Roads: Design roadway environments to mitigate human mistakes and account for injury tolerances, to encourage safer behaviors, and to facilitate safe travel by the most vulnerable users.
  • Safer Vehicles: Expand the availability of vehicle systems and features that help to prevent crashes and minimize the impact of crashes on both occupants and non-occupants.
  • Safer Speeds: Promote safer speeds in all roadway environments through a combination of thoughtful, equitable, context-appropriate roadway design, targeted education, outreach campaigns, and enforcement.
  • Post-Crash Care: Enhance the survivability of crashes through expedient access to emergency medical care, while creating a safe working environment for vital first responders and preventing secondary crashes through robust traffic incident management practices.

Child holding a parent's hand while standing at a traffic intersection.This strategy recognizes that pursuing these objectives and achieving a vision of zero fatalities will take sustained and concerted action from all sectors and all levels of government, and from a wide array of professional disciplines and organizations.

So we’re calling on partners and stakeholders from all levels of government, industry, nonprofit, advocacy, researchers, and the public to embrace and commit to specific action to improve safety on our roads.


Reach out to us at to learn more.