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Virginia Multimodal Freight Network Tables

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Routes
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)Begin MilepostEnd Milepost
VAI264I64Birdneck Rd24.360.0024.36
VAI395I95VA/DC Line9.570.009.57
VAI495I95VA/MD Line14.540.0014.54
VAI564I64Bainbridge Ave5.570.225.79
VAI64VA/WV LineI264296.910.00297.27
VAI77VA/NC LineVA/WV Line67.540.0067.52
VAI81VA/TN LineVA/MD Line284.890.00284.90
VAI85VA/NC LineI9568.510.0068.49
VAI95VA/NC LineVA/MD Line174.780.00174.95
VAU13U58I664, I64 to U6011.280.0011.28
VAU220I581Milepoint 6.176.1751.7157.88
VAU29I64Airport Rd10.450.0010.45
VAU460Various Locations-5.510.706.21
VAU58Various Locations-23.630.0023.62
VAS28I66Hirst Brault EXPY8.340.008.34
VAS29VA/NC LineU587.250.437.67
VAS337Various Locations-2.660.002.65
Interstate, US Route and State Route Total1,209.15n/an/a


StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)
VAU460 BRAMP-0.25
Urban Streets and Miscellaneous Ramps Total1.49
Total Freight Network Routes1,210.64

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Intermodal Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
VAVA14RVirginia Inland PortRt. 340 (Entrance to I-66)3.22
VAVA4ARoanoke Municipal AirportAviation Rd. (Entrance to Rt 101)0.74
VAVA8PPort of Hampton - Newport News Terminal25th St. (Entrance to Huntington), Huntington (25th to 23rd), 23rd (Huntington to I-664)1.15
VAVA7PPort of Hampton Rds - Lamberts PointOrapax Rd. (Entrance to Raleigh Ave.), Raleigh Ave (Orapax to S.R. 337)0.44
VAVA6AWashington National AirportRt. 233 (Entrance to Rt 1)0.33
VAVA45ACharlottesville-Albemarle County AirportRt 649 (entrance to US 29)0.77
VAVA2ANorfolk Intl. AirportNorview Ave. (Entrance to I-64)1.22
VAVA1ANewport News/Williamsburg AirportBland Blvd. (Entrance to Jefferson Ave.)0.42
VAVA13RChesapeake Intermodal - Norfolk SouthernAtlantic Ave. (Entrance to S.R.168), S.R. 168 (Atlantic to I-64)2.07
VAVA12RAlexandria Intermodal - Norfolk SouthernMetro Rd (entrance to Van Dorn St), Van Dorn St (Metro Rd to I-95)0.74
VAVA11PPort of Richmond - Deepwater Term.Deep Water Rd. (Ent. to Connector), Connector Rd. (DW Rd. to Comm.), Commerce Rd (Conn. Rd to I-95)0.54
VAVA3ARichmond Intl. AirportFox Rd. (Entrance to Airport Dr.), Airport Dr (Fox to Rt. 60), Rt.156 (Rt60 to I-64)2.46
Connector Total14.10

Highway Multimodal Freight Network STRAHNET Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
VAMIL_VA20P2-US 60 E to VA 225, VA 225 S to US 132.39
VAMIL_VA6P1-VA 150 E to I-951.37
VAMIL_VA10P1-Effingham St N to I-2640.74
VAMIL_VA15P2-VA 167 S to I-642.23
VAMIL_VA16P2-US 50 S to VA 27, VA 27 S to I-3951.77
VAMIL_VA13P1-I-564 to Terminal Blvd, Terminal Blvd W to Norfolk International Terminals1.74
VAMIL_VA4P1-VA 144 W to I-953.92
VAMIL_VA21P2-VA 641 S to VA 199, VA 199 S to I-642.07
VAMIL_VA2P1-VA 617 N to I-952.85
VAMIL_VA3P1-105 E to I-640.84
VAMIL_VA19P2-VA 40 E to I-8515.01
VAMIL_VA5P1-US 60 W to US 1311.44
VAMIL_VA18P2-VA 619 S to I-958.76
VAMIL_VA7P1-Oceana Blvd N to US 58 Bus, US 58 Bus W to I-2644.42
VAMIL_VA8P1-VA 238 S to VA 143, VA 143 W to I-642.56
VAMIL_VA17P2-VA 114 W to US 11, US 11 S to VA 100, VA 100 S to I-8110.74
Connector Total72.85

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Border Crossings
StatePort ID Crossing Name

Multimodal Rail Freight Network Routes
StateRoute Miles

Top Ports - Total Tonnage
StatePort NameDomestic TonnageForeign Tonnage ImportForeign Tonnage ExportTotal Tonnage
VANorfolk Harbor, VA6,554,1129,362,33132,977,19348,893,636
VANewport News, VA765,312308,99228,696,55629,770,860
VAHopewell, VA710,5350316,6191,027,154

Top Ports Total Container TEUs Loaded
StatePort NameDomestic TEUs Loaded InboundDomestic TEUs Loaded OutboundForeign TEUs Loaded ImportForeign TEUs Loaded ExportTotal TEUs Loaded
VANorfolk Harbor30,94923,598891,871926,0431,872,462

Tonnage Shipped
StateTotal TonnageDomestic Tonnage Shipped to StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped From StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped IntrastateForeign Tonnage Shipped to StateForeign Tonnage Shipped from State

Marine Highways
VAM-95 CorridorThe M-95 Corridor includes the Atlantic Ocean coastal waters, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors. It stretches from Miami, FL to Portland, ME and spans 15 states. It connects to the M-87 Connector and the M-90 Corridor near New York City; and the M-64 Connector at Norfolk, VA.Corridor
VAM-64 ConnectorThe M-64 Connector includes Hampton Roads, the Chesapeake Bay, James River, and connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors. It spans southeast Virginia from Norfolk, VA to Richmond, VA. It connects to the M-95 Corridor at Norfolk, VA.Connector
VAM-495 CrossingThe M-495 Marine Highway Crossing includes the navigable portions of the Anacostia, Occoquan and Potomac Rivers. These segments have potential to reduce regional rush-hour congestion through the operation of passenger ferry services and would provide a needed redundancy to the regional system.Crossing

Domestic Waterway Routes
StateRiver NameLength (Miles)

Cargo Airports
StateLocation IDCityAirport NameT-100/T-100(f) Market Destination (lbs)T-100 RankAll Cargo Landed (lbs)All Cargo Rank
VAIADDullesWashington Dulles International327,970,91019477,671,02044