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Montana Multimodal Freight Network Tables

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Routes
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)Begin MilepostEnd Milepost
MTI15ID/MT LINECanada395.890.00395.89
MTI315I15MP 1.030.830.201.03
MTI90ID/MT LINEMT/WY LINE543.020.00543.03
MTI94I90MT/ND LINE249.290.00249.29
MTU2MP 660.85MT/ND LINE5.08660.85665.93
Interstate, US Route and State Route Total1,194.11n/an/a
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)
MTU87 P--0.01
Urban Streets and Miscellaneous Ramps Total0.01
Total Freight Network Routes1,194.12

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Intermodal Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)

Highway Multimodal Freight Network STRAHNET Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
Connector Total0.00

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Border Crossings
StatePort IDCrossing Name

Multimodal Rail Freight Network Routes
StateRoute Miles

Top Ports - Total Tonnage
StatePort NameDomestic TonnageForeign Tonnage ImportForeign Tonnage ExportTotal Tonnage

Top Ports Total Container TEUs Loaded
StatePort NameDomestic TEUs Loaded InboundDomestic TEUs Loaded OutboundForeign TEUs Loaded ImportForeign TEUs Loaded ExportTotal TEUs Loaded

Tonnage Shipped
StateTotal TonnageDomestic Tonnage Shipped to StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped From StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped IntrastateForeign Tonnage Shipped to StateForeign Tonnage Shipped from State

Marine Highways

Domestic Waterway Routes
StateRiver NameLength (Miles)

Cargo Airports
StateLocation IDCityAirport NameT-100/T-100(f) Market Destination (lbs)T-100 RankAll Cargo Landed (lbs)All Cargo Rank