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GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment Workshop VI

March 30, 2017   

10:00 AMIntroductions and Welcoming Remarks Karen Van Dyke
10:15 AMGPS Adj. Band Recap and Milestones
(720 KB PDF)
Stephen Mackey
US DOT / Volpe Center
10:25 AMSpace-Based PNT Advisory Board 6 Criteria
(661 KB PDF)
John Betz
Special Government Employee
10:45 AM1 dB Interference Criteria Rationale
(661 KB PDF)
Capt Frank Clark
11:05 AMRadiated Chamber Testing Overview and Results (2,753 KB PDF)Hadi Wassaf
US DOT / Volpe Center
12:00 PMBreak Lock/Loss of Lock Results - L1 C/A
(651 KB PDF)
Chris Hegarty
The MITRE Corporation
12:30 PMLunchAll
1:15 PMUse Case Examples for GNSS Receiver Scenarios (2,817 KB PDF)Stephen Mackey
US DOT / Volpe Center
2:00 PMUse Case Scenarios – USGS Natural Hazards Monitoring (1,029 KB PDF)Dan Determan, Larry Hothem
2:15 PMUse Case Scenarios - Space Based Receiver Assessment (1,291 KB PDF)RJ Balanga
2:35 PMInverse Modeling / Transmit Power Levels (12,801 KB PDF)Hadi Wassaf, Chris Hegarty
Volpe Center, The MITRE Corp.
3:30 PMBreakAll
3:45 PMQuestions/Discussion/Wrap UpAll
4:15 PMAdjournAll
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