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GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment Workshop V

October 14, 2016   

GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment Workshop V
10:00 AMIntroductions and Welcoming RemarksKaren Van Dyke
10:15 AMPrevious Workshop Recap and Program Milestones (98 KB)Stephen Mackey
10:25 AMRadiated Testing Overview and Results (1,877 KB)Stephen Mackey, Hadi Wassaf
US DOT / Volpe Center
11:25 AMWired/Conducted Testing Overview and Results (658 KB)Karl Shallberg
Zeta Associates
12:25 PMLunchAll
1:30 PMAntenna Characterization (419 KB)Chris Hegarty
The MITRE Corporation
2:00 PMSummary of Collected GNSS Receiver Use-Case Information (301 KB)Stephen Mackey
US DOT / Volpe Center
2:20 PMMethodology to Determine Transmit Power Levels for a Given Scenario (578 KB)Hadi Wassaf
US DOT / Volpe Center
3:00 PMBreakAll
3:15 PMQuestions/Discussion/Wrap Up (94 KB)All
4:00 PMAdjournAll