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Trails and Resilience: Review of the Role of Trails in Climate Resilience and Emergency Response


This white paper explores how designing trails to be resilient to climate change has many benefits, including lower maintenance and repair costs and better access during emergencies and after severe weather. Trails can also enhance the resilience of surrounding communities by providing ecosystem services (e.g., stormwater management). Many trail designers note that well designed, sustainably built trails are also more accessible for people with disabilities. 

Stakeholder Type(s):
  • Contractor
  • Local Government
  • Other
  • Regional/Metro Planning Orgs (MPO)
  • State DOT
  • Tribal Government
  • U.S. Territory
Resource Type(s):
  • Report
Transportation Mode(s):
  • Bicycle
  • Micromobility (bike share, scooters, etc.)
  • Pedestrian
Equity Focus: