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Oregon Multimodal Freight Network Tables

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Routes
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)Begin MilepostEnd Milepost
ORI205I15OR/WA LINE26.070.0026.06
ORI5CA/OR LINEOR/WA LINE308.140.00308.16
ORI82I84OR/WA LINE10.290.0010.29
ORI84I5OR/ID LINE375.440.00375.45
ORU30  PUS30IVANHOE0.960.571.52
ORS126BELT LINE HWY11TH AVE2.490.002.49
ORS22I5LANCASTER DR0.491.401.90
ORS42LOOKING GLASS RDI52.7973.8876.67
Interstate, US Route and State Route Total761.27n/an/a


StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)
OR242ND DR--1.83
Urban Streets and Miscellaneous Ramps Total31.30
Total Freight Network Routes792.57

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Intermodal Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
OROR11RLake YardsFront Ave between Kitridge and Nicolai, Nicolai St between Yeon Ave and Front St2.24
OROR16AMahlon Sweet Municipal Airport, EugeneAirport Rd between Green Hill Rd and OR99 (Hwy 91), Green Hill Rd between Airport Rd and Lockheed Rd, Lockheed Dr between Greenhill Rd and the Passenger Terminal, OR99 (Hwy 91) between Airport Rd and3.57
OROR15PPort of Portland (Terminal 4)N Terminal Rd between Lombard St and Terminal 40.56
OROR12RAlbina Yards (UP), PortlandInterstate Ave between Going St and Larrabee Ave, Russell St between Interstate Ave and Rail Facility, Going St between Basin and I-5 (Hwy 1), Larrabee Ave between Broadway St and Interstate Ave2.03
OROR13PPort of Portland (Terminal 5)US 30BY (Hwy 123) between US 30 (Hwy 92) and Ivanhoe St, Ivanhoe St between US 30BY (Hwy 123) and N Saint Louis, N Saint Louis between Lombard Blvd and Ivanhoe St, Burgard St and Lombard St between Co17.50
OROR17REugene Reload Facilities, EugeneGarfield St between 7th Ave and Cross St, Cross St between Garfield St and Cleveland St, Cleveland St between Cross and Roosevelt, Roosevelt Blvd between Cleveland St and OR99 (Hwy 91)1.79
OROR10LNW Industrial AreaFront Ave between Kitridge Ave and 61st St, 61st St between Culebra Ave and Front Ave, Culebra Ave between Balboa Ave and 61st St1.32
OROR21ARogue Valley International Airport, MedfordPine St and Biddle Rd between I-5 (Hwy 001) and OR 62 (Hwy 22), Airport Rd between Biddle Rd and Biddle Rd3.86
OROR6RBrooklyn Yard (SP), PortlandHolgate Blvd between McLoughlin Blvd or 99E (Hwy 81) and UPRR Track0.57
OROR8APortland International AirportAirport Way between I-205 (Hwy 64) and Portland International Airport Terminal12.23
OROR14PPort of Portland (Terminal 6)N Pacific Gateway Blvd between N Marine Dr and Terminal 60.37
OROR23PSwan Island Ship Repair YardGoing St between Basin St and I-5 (Hwy 1) (See Alpina Yards (UP) Portland)2.09
OROR9RWillridge YardsBalboa Ave between Culebra Ave and US 30 (Hwy 92)0.09
OROR7SPortland Union StationBroadway Ave (Victoria to Everett), Victoria St (I-5 CN 001TJ to Broadway St), Williams Ave (Weidler St to I-5 CN 001TK, Vancouver Ave (Weidler St to I-5 CN 001TN, Weidler Ave (Williams Ave to Broadway)0.10
OROR22PPort of Coos Bay - Roseburg TerminalsTranspacific Pkwy between US 101 (Hwy 009) and Jordan Cove Rd, Jordan Cove Rd between Transpacific Pkway and Private Rd1.67
OROR5PPort of Coos Bay - Isthmus SloughNewport Ave between US 101 (Hwy 009) and Edwards St, Mullen St between US 101 (Hwy 009) and the Nickle and Chip Terminals, Edwards St between US 101 (Hwy 009) and Newport Ave0.31
OROR4PPort of Coos Bay - Ocean TerminalsCalifornia Ave between Sherman Ave US 101 (Hwy 009) and the Dock Facility0.42
OROR2PPort of Morrow, BoardmanBoardman-Irrigon Rd (Ullman to Coyote Sta Rd), Ullman Blvd (Boardman Rd to Port Facility), Marine Dr (Ullman to Ter 3 Access Rd), 084HC, Laurel Rd (Boardman-Irrigon Rd to I-84 Conn 084HC)2.47
OROR24PPort of Portland (Terminals 1 and 2)Port Access Rd between Yeon St and Front Ave0.35
Connector Total53.54

Highway Multimodal Freight Network STRAHNET Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
Connector Total0.00

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Border Crossings
StatePort ID Crossing Name

Multimodal Rail Freight Network Routes
StateRoute Miles

Top Ports - Total Tonnage
StatePort NameDomestic TonnageForeign Tonnage ImportForeign Tonnage ExportTotal Tonnage
ORPortland, OR8,390,8683,545,48811,490,87923,427,235
ORCoos Bay, OR218,59418,9031,868,7172,106,214

Top Ports Total Container TEUs Loaded
StatePort NameDomestic TEUs Loaded InboundDomestic TEUs Loaded OutboundForeign TEUs Loaded ImportForeign TEUs Loaded ExportTotal TEUs Loaded
ORColumbia River, Dalles-McNary16,0002,0700018,070
ORColumbia River, Vancouver-Dalles3315,9680016,001

Tonnage Shipped
StateTotal TonnageDomestic Tonnage Shipped to StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped From StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped IntrastateForeign Tonnage Shipped to StateForeign Tonnage Shipped from State

Marine Highways
ORM-5 CorridorThe M-5 Corridor includes the Pacific Ocean coastal waters, connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors from San Diego, CA to the US-Canada border north of Seattle, WA. It spans Washington, Oregon and California along the West Coast. It connects to the M-84 Corridor at Astoria, OR, and the M-580 Connector at Oakland, CA.Corridor
ORM-84 CorridorThe M-84 Corridor includes the Columbia, Willamette and Snake Rivers, connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors. It spans Oregon, Washington, and Idaho from Astoria, OR to Lewiston, ID and a 26 mile portion of the Willamette River from Willamette Falls to the confluence with the Columbia River. It connects to the M-5 Corridor in Astoria, OR.Corridor

Domestic Waterway Routes
StateRiver NameLength (Miles)

Cargo Airports
StateLocation IDCityAirport NameT-100/T-100(f) Market Destination (lbs)T-100 RankAll Cargo Landed (lbs)All Cargo Rank
orPDXPortlandPortland International230,541,827251,137,027,10922