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DUNS and SAM Registration Processes

Eligible businesses are strongly encouraged to take these steps right away:

  • Become familiar with all the requirements in the law;
  • Apply for a DUNS number if you do not already have one;
  • Register online with the System of Award Management (SAM) if you have not already; and
  • Monitor this site frequently for updates, which will include Frequently Asked Questions and a link to the application system (when it is ready).

IMPORTANT! Obtaining a DUNS number and registering with SAM takes time.  Any business seeking funding under the AMJP program is strongly encouraged to begin these steps as soon as possible. These steps must be completed before submitting an application for the AMJP.

If you are registering in solely to apply for a Federal financial assistance opportunity like AMJP (and are not interested in pursuing Federal contracts), the registration path is much shorter. Please see the Quick Start Guide from

SAM Resources: