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Beyond Traffic Themes

How We Move

image of bus with wifi signal logo44 cities proposed projects to test the use of automated shared use vehicles to help travelers connect to their destinations

How We Move Things

image of smart parking meter with wifi signal logo11 cities envisioned improving urban freight delivery by implementing smarter curb space management (through sensors, dynamic reservations, and other technologies) to speed loading and unloading.

How We Adapt

image of front of bus17 cities proposed using inductive wireless charging to charge electric vehicles, buses, or shuttles.

How We Move Better

image of smart bike with wifi signal logo53 cities proposed implementing Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) to connect vehicles to infrastructure and each other.

How We Grow Opportunity

image of smart bus with passenger with wifi signal logo9 cities proposed providing free public WiFi on buses, taxis, and public spaces. The seven Smart City Challenge finalists proposed over 60 unique strategies to increase access to jobs, provide training, reach underserved areas, and ensure connectivity for all.

How We Align Decisions and Dollars

image of smart phone in hand with question mark45 cities proposed implementing a unified traffic or transportation data analytics platform, which would help them make better decisions with their limited resources.