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Smart City Challenge: Interested Organizations

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge has generated tremendous interest from cities, businesses, universities, and nonprofits across America.   To facilitate collaboration, the Department is posting a list of organizations interested in working with cities on smart approaches to the mobility challenges of the 21st century.   Inclusion on the list does not imply endorsement of the organizations below by USDOT.  The information below was provided by the interested organization.   Organizations are grouped by date added to this site and sorted alphabetically.  

Note: This list is no longer being updated.  For more information on the efforts of Smart City Challenge winner Columbus, OH, please visit their homepage.

Added 11/29/2016

Organization: 151 Advisors, LLC
Point of Contact: Steve Brumer
Phone: 4046417612
Description: 151 Advisors help Smart Cities with building strategic execution focused Go-To-Market plans to generate profitable revenue streams from the deployment of projects. It is our team's unique ability to design sales and marketing programs for Smart Cities where new revenue can offset the costs associated with deploying these projects.
Organization: Asavie
Point of Contact: Sean Langdon
Phone: (949)228-3665
Description: Leverage our Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology to connect every type of Smart City device on one heterogeneous network. Our SaaS solution provides secure enterprise connectivity to everything, data controls, and eliminates all CapEx costs.
Point of Contact: Michael
Phone: 2027701615
Description: Caves Valley Technologies provides core guidance and due-diligence support for the most efficient and optimum technology solutions achieved today, including Smart City transportation, infrastructure, and mobile solutions.
Organization: CITYWAY
Point of Contact: Chloe Spano
Phone: +33623005445
Description: We work with Public Transport Authorities and mobility stakeholders in order to create Integrated Mobility Platforms providing citizens with exhaustive and accurate data answering their mobility needs. We are a MaaS key player, integrating Transit, Road, Ticketing and pretty much all data necessary to provide the most complete service for mobility.
Organization: Civic Resource Group
Point of Contact: Steven Levine
Phone: +1 213.225.1170
Description: Civic Resource Group provides a data integration and management platform and a suite of augmented reality-based mobile applications for Smart Cities. Initially focused on urban mobility, the cloud-based CivicConnect Platform enables the rapid deployment of applications while providing valuable data for analysis. Customers include SF Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Palm Springs and Ft Lauderdale. Civic Resource Group products are based on fifteen years of public sector experience
Organization: Clever Devices
Point of Contact: Amy Miller
Phone: 516-403-8308
Description: Clever Devices provides innovative technology solutions for public transportation, including bus, bus rapid transit, para-transit and rail. Our solutions include Fleet Management, Real-Time Passenger Information and Vehicle Health Monitoring and allow transit agencies to monitor and control their fleets, reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and monitor driver behavior.
Point of Contact: Tom Gardner
Phone: 0044 7779 31678
Description: is a Global directory established for all businesses involved with Autonomous / Driverless vehicles, and related products and services
Organization: Eastern Research Group
Point of Contact: Ian Todreas
Phone: 617-357-4623
Description: Founded in 1984, Eastern Research Group (ERG) is a nationally-recognized energy and environmental consulting firm. ERG provides management, outreach, technical, and engineering support for the development and implementation of Smart City-related technologies including vehicle electrification and infrastructure, ITS, and goods and people movement. ERG has extensive experience with collaborative partnerships, technology deployment, university and laboratory programs, and outreach campaigns.
Organization: Eldorado Benson
Point of Contact: Dennis Krahn
Phone: 602-558-6046
Description: 28,000 new homes, 13,000 acres, 40 year Development Agreement, an approved Community Master Plan are the key elements of this project. This project is supported and has approvals from SEAGO, ACOE, ADWR, City of Benson, and is expected to deliver 2000 new homes per year. This is a brand new development site, and is planned to include a parallel autonomous roadway network within the proposed Rights of Way to construct, test and set the standard for "Smart City's of the Future"
Point of Contact: Lee J. Nelson
Phone: 1-703-893-0744
Description: Tenders expertise and consulting services in high-performance video imaging (Video Analytics; Physical Security Information Management) for enhancing transit and transportation safety and security.
Organization: Genvict Technology
Point of Contact: Neo Zhang
Phone: +86 13609621322
Description: Genvict is a world-leading core device and solution provider for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), as well as the predominant leader for the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) industry in China. We focus on V2V, V2I and smart parking system.
Organization: HERE
Point of Contact: Monali Shah
Phone: 773-362-7815
Description: HERE harnesses the power and value of location for cities, enterprises and people. For Smart Cities, HERE manages and enriches the data that connects travelers, vehicles, and infrastructure to improve safety, mobility, environmental and economic efficiency. HERE offers solutions in cloud-based location data management, traffic management, connected and automated driving, multi-modal routing and guidance and asset management. The HERE Open Location Platform provides a hardware-agonistic and sca
Organization: IDC
Point of Contact: Kirsten Moran
Phone: 2534320433
Point of Contact: David Lin
Phone: 4083929800x110
Description: Inscape Data designs and manufactures total turnkey solutions for outdoor PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switch, Wireless, & Fiber Optics Switch Systems that allow interconnections of network devices installed in metropolitan or suburban environments.
Organization: Joyride
Point of Contact: Chris Sizemore
Phone: 615-578-9155
Description: Joyride is a micro transportation company that specializes in downtown transit rides using a fleet of low speed neighborhood vehicles. We service up to a 3 mile radius of the city’s core. Joyride provides rides that are too far to walk but to close for a cab.
Organization: Laird
Point of Contact: John Guargena
Phone: 952-500-8595
Description: Laird is a global technology company focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from EMI and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission critical systems. Laird is a leader in end-to-end automotive connectivity services including antenna coupling, telematics controls and smart device integration solutions. Laird also offers an unmatched portfolio of certified wireless modules designed for robust, secure connectivity for the enterprise Internet of Things.
Organization: Legion
Point of Contact: Simon Bottomley
Phone: +44 7595359167
Description: Legion software is the worlds leading pedestrian modelling software used widely by transport operators, engineering consultants, smart cities and large scale events. Pedestrian modelling can be used both indoors and outside to ensure the the built environment is as favorable to pedestrian movement as possible. Frequently it is used at key interchanges where pedestrian capacity could be an issue.
Organization: M2M Spectrum Networks
Point of Contact: Darren Nichols
Phone: 267-740-2003
Description: M2M Spectrum Networks is the first company to provide comprehensive solutions for creating, connecting and managing machine-to-machine (M2M) communications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Through our MPower Smart City platform we are able to deliver a comprehensive suite of Smart City solutions both rapidly and without cost to the city. MPower has been developed to improve public health and safety, transportation, resource management and human productivity.
Organization: Meridian Kiosks
Point of Contact: Will Tucker
Phone: 910-944-4606
Description: Meridian Kiosks designs and manufactures interactive digital signage kiosks for indoor and outdoor installation to engage travelers and connect communities. Sample use cases include: Wayfinding, Community Engagement, Event Promotion, Advertising and Organization Marketing.
Organization: Miovision
Point of Contact: Erin Skimson
Phone: 226-979-6039
Description: Miovision believes that smart cities require data to address complex transportation challenges. Our products and services unlock data about traffic flow, and provide the insights needed for cities to improve mobility. Miovision works with public and academic institutions to explore innovative ways to use open data to advance the smart city agenda.
Organization: Movatic
Point of Contact: Julia Kortberg
Phone: 734-612-3355
Description: Movatic is building a shared-mobility management platform. We've had success in the bikeshare and bike locker industries, granting electronic access to users through their smartphones. We are working hard to continue adding other modalities to our system.
Organization: Navigant Consulting
Point of Contact: Rob Wilhite
Phone: +1 704 347-7735
Description: In cities around the world, thoughts on mobility are beginning to shift in light of increasing traffic congestion and its impact on the local economy, the environment, and quality of life. Navigant sees the rise of plug-in electric vehicles, smartphones, and the ability to interconnect infrastructure within cities to drivers and pedestrians as keys to creating flexible transportation systems and new mobility options. Our seasoned professionals and highly skilled specialists form exceptional team
Organization: Nevana Designs
Point of Contact: Pete Dolphin
Phone: +44 7899911217
Description: UV powered glow in the dark road/pathway markings
Organization: Omnivex Corporation
Point of Contact: Craig Marshall
Phone: 905-695-8733
Description: We are a software company with a platform that provides a common data and content repository that connects systems that otherwise don't communicate, and then provides an intelligent visual presentation layer that allows this information to be automatically delivered to any visual medium. This includes web, mobile, digital signage, and desktops. Our customers run the gamut from transportation, government, hospitality, health care, manufacturing, retail and advertising amongst others.
Point of Contact: Yoshida, Lester
Phone: +1(847)485-1077
Description: Parsons has long been at the forefront of using technology to improve the capacity of roads and highways. An early pioneer in the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Parsons’ team of multidisciplinary experts provides the proven ability to assist clients with all phases of roads and highway projects, starting with planning and design and carrying through to operations and maintenance. Parsons’ expertise includes extensive experience working with multiple jurisdictions.
Organization: Pulse Larsen Antennas
Point of Contact: Robin Millerd
Phone: 503-676-9464
Description: Pulse Larsen is a leading global antenna and wireless supplier. We provide solutions that reflect our far-reaching understanding of antennas and RF technology. Pulse offers antennas covering 2G/3G/4G LTE, WLAN (WiFi), Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS/ Glonass, Compass, ISM, VHF/UHF, NFC and custom applications. Pul
Point of Contact: Edward J McElligott
Phone: 203-915-0049
Description: School Bus Driving Aids "Student Detection Systems" warns drivers of pedestrians actvity or prescence in and around the perimeter NHTSA danger zones. Video Mirror with Rear Vision capabilities. DVR Recording. Rear Sight Camera Systems.
Organization: SAFECHECKportal
Point of Contact: Dana Goldberg
Phone: 561 445-8027
Description: Mobile human resource management tool with analytic web dashboard for diverse , On Demand and contractual workers promoting an alcohol and substance free workplace, along with available telematics and ensuing data with a purpose of reducing insurance claims activity.
Organization: SenseOps, Inc.
Point of Contact: David Roberts
Phone: 5105413237
Description: SenseOps is in the business to deliver digital transformation as a service, by deploying well known Operational Data and Processes on low-cost edge devices, and provide them as an easy to consume service. To do this, SenseOps builds, licenses and/or configures various software technologies to operate on edge-devices and interoperate with larger cloud based systems
Point of Contact: Justine Jones
Phone: 757-744-2612
Description: Partners with public-sector clients to prepare internally for smart city transition with particular focus on smart governance.
Organization: Strava Metro
Point of Contact: Brian Devaney
Phone: 9784602216
Description: Strava is the social network for runners and cyclists with over 8 million trips uploaded every week via GPS device or smartphone. In denser metropolitan areas, 40-50% of these activities are commutes. Strava Metro anonymizes and aggregates these activities into GIS format and partners with departments of transportation and planning groups to enable deep analyses of bicycling and pedestrian behavior including activity counts by specific time of day and day of week across the entire network.
Point of Contact: Scott Spagnola
Phone: +12063903470
Description: As America's Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company's advanced nationwide 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences to 69.4 million customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value. Based in Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US provides services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands, T-Mobile and MetroPCS.
Organization: Uptake
Point of Contact: Alicia Swanson
Phone: 408-836-7170
Description: Uptake is the predictive analytics partner for industrial businesses. We deliver actionable intelligence that drives and protects growth. Industrial leaders rely on our technology to anticipate costly events and generate new revenues. We work with partners in government, aerospace, agriculture, construction, energy, healthcare, mining, rail and retail. While others sell you their technology, we operate on a business model of shared risk. We call it outcomes-as-a-service, and it’s our most impo
Point of Contact: Joananne Bachmann
Phone: (802)540-7838
Description: VEIC provides transportation energy efficiency services guided by our commitment to environmental & social justice, innovation, and results. We provide government, utilities, & businesses with transportation demand management & electric vehicle program implementation & consulting services. Specific technologies include light & heavy duty electric vehicle adoption, shared mobility, and location efficiency.
Organization: Victor Stanley, Inc
Point of Contact: Emma Skalka
Phone: 800-368-2573 x.
Description: Victor Stanley Relay modernizes waste and recycling collection by monitoring the fill levels and actual weights of all of our waste and recycling litter receptacles. This service saves on collection expenses and ensures resources are allocated efficiently, while reducing fuel costs, carbon footprint, and unsightly overflowing waste. An added benefit is that all of our steel litter receptacles are made of 98% recycled content steel.
Organization: ZoomThru
Point of Contact: Lexi Sprague
Phone: 4133470090
Description: ZoomThru is a cloud platform that helps cities not only aggregate and visualize real time data from parking garages and spaces but then put that data to work in a series of consumer facing applications that allow for better wayfinding. We also use the event of a person parking in a spot to push LOCAL advertising to the parker. This will ultimately drive the local economy and make discovering new places in a city easier.

Added 8/4/2016

Organization: AAA
Point of Contact: Avery Ash
Phone: 202-942-2072
Organization: Axon Vibe
Point of Contact: Jocelyn Musters
Description:  Axon Vibe's travel & transportation technology specializes in enhancing the user experience by providing personalized services such as passive ticketing and end-to-end connected journey services. Rooted in the fundamental belief that consumers should control their own data, Axon Vibe leads the way in facilitating explicit permission-based data sharing between companies and consumers.
Organization: EV Charge Solutions
Point of Contact: Mike Moser
Phone: 585-657-7070
Description: EV Charge Solutions is a national distributor of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) offering the latest products and services. Our R&D department is currently developing new solutions focused on sensible and economical fleet and workplace charging solutions. We are currently representing 8 EVSE manufacturers as well as offering our branded products, like our universal cable management solution. Installation of Level 1, 2 and 3 (DC Fast) Chargers is available throughout the U.S.
Organization: eX2 Technology
Point of Contact: Misty Stine-EVP Business Development
Phone: 402-817-7872
Description: eX2 Technology (eX2) was founded by a team of seasoned communications and critical infrastructure professionals who are passionate about designing, building and maintaining telecommunications and critical infrastructure networks. We strive to provide swift and secure broadband and intelligent infrastructure networks to a variety of industries. We developed a unique public -private partnership (P3) offering with three simple project financing solutions to turn your network concept into reality.
Organization: Microcom Corporation
Point of Contact: Andrea Flowers
Phone: 740-548-6262
Description: Microcom Corporation specializes in thermal printing solutions for transportation applications. We provide printers, kiosks, RFID technology, and completely custom solutions. Microcom is based in Lewis Center, OH, which is where product design and manufacturing take place.
Organization: Mindteck, Inc.
Point of Contact: Tom Toerner
Phone: 513-313-2140
Description: Mindteck’s smart city solutions are designed in keeping with the growing importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from traffic management energy efficiency and smart healthcare to e-governance, intelligent lighting systems and home and building efficiency systems.
Organization: MotionLink
Point of Contact: Hill Hardman
Phone: 404.253.7882
Description: Technology partner with municipal public works departments
Organization: Organic Transit
Point of Contact: Rob Cotter
Phone: 919-908-1599
Description: Urban Mobility Solutions: Design, Build, Manufacture. Solar Hybrid Designs.
Organization: Parking Sense USA
Point of Contact: David Waal
Phone: 925-407-2137
Description: As the global leader in the evolution and development of parking technologies Parking Sense has led the transformation of the transportation and parking industry for over 30 years. We develop and manufacture parking guidance hardware and software systems with an integrated management reporting software and data analytics platform. Our proprietary smartphone application locates available parking places, reserves a space, facilitates payment processing and promotes location based advertising.
Organization: Placemeter
Point of Contact: Alex Winter
Phone: 212-226-6984
Description: Placemeter is an urban intelligence platform. We use computer vision to measure the pulse of cities around the world. Placemeter connects to a network of video cameras and analyzes pedestrian and vehicular movement, revealing hidden patterns and strategic opportunities.
Organization: Q Free TCS
Point of Contact: Dave Radford
Phone: 978 443 2527
Description: provider of full ITS solutions (Parking, way finding, TMS)
Organization: Rajant Corporation
Point of Contact: Kevin Fitzgibbons
Phone: 717-814-0840
Description: Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology enables municipalities to build private wireless networks to support the data, voice, and video demands driving smart-city communications initiatives. A robust and secure network with no single point of failure, Rajant networks can scale to hundreds of nodes to deliver highly reliable connectivity. Optimized for mobility, cities across the globe are enhancing their public transportation, security surveillance, and mission critical operations with Kinetic Mesh®.
Organization: RouteMatch Software
Point of Contact: Hill Hardman
Phone: 4048250611
Description: Technology partner with over 600 transit agencies
Organization: skyTran
Point of Contact: Gerald Sanders
Phone: 4158679605
Description: skyTran, a NASA Space Act company, headquartered at the NASA Ames Research Center near Mountain View, California, is a patented, high-speed, low-cost, elevated Personal Rapid Transportation (PRT) system. The skyTran network of computer-controlled, 2-person 'jet-like' vehicles employs unique, state-of-the-art, SkyTran Magnetic Levitation (STML) technology. skyTran moves passengers in a fast, safe, green, and economical manner.
Point of Contact: Justin Norman
Phone: 415-646-6713
Description: Boost infrastructure, increase investment, be sustainable, and improve quality of life to meet the demands of the modern city The only 2-day Smart Cities event, where you'll meet stakeholders from the public & private-sector ecosystems and help tomorrow's cities face the challenges of growing urban populations with the latest IoT technology.
Organization: Socrata
Point of Contact: Kevin Merritt
Phone: 425-301-8142
Description: Socrata is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions that help improve government through democratizing access to data. This includes open data (helping governments make their data available publicly to external stakeholders), internal data discovery and collaboration (extending the benefits of open data to government employees who benefit from better access to private, internal data) and 3rd party non-governmental data that can be leveraged by governments to improve operations.
Point of Contact: Linda Stroud
Phone: 720 749-2204
Description:  Triunity Engineering & Management, Inc. (Triunity) is a Denver-based, DBE/MBE firm providing Program, Project and Construction Management services for large infrastructure projects nationwide.
Point of Contact: Harry Voccola
Phone: 844.879.8777
Description: TSPS improves commercial vehicle parking by providing an ITS-based platform and related services to improve parking for commercial vehicles at government-owned and private facilities on the highway network as well as at truck loading and unloading zones in urban centers. Benefits realized include reduced congestion, enhanced productivity, fewer accidents and improved air quality. The TSPS service includes the provision of real-time parking availability information and site-specific reservations.
Organization: Velodyne LiDAR
Point of Contact: Laurel Nissen
Phone: 408-465-2800
Description: Leading 3D Real-time LiDAR sensor provider
Point of Contact: Mr. Shai Suzan
Phone: +972 525280333
Description: wayCare is a smart city solution which forecasts road trouble to reduce congestion, road accidents and save lives. Way-Care's big data solution uses machine learning to recommend the most efficient course of action, as well as, probabilistic location based insight on accidents, dangerous road conditions, congestion patterns and other meaningful intelligence that will transform any city into a safe and efficiently flowing traffic network.
Organization: WIOMAX LLC
Point of Contact: Xiao-Feng Xie
Phone: 4125808540
Description: WIOMAX is a research team focusing on real-time, smart and scalable modelling and optimization solutions, especially for sustainable multi-modal transportation, smart cities, and Internet of things (IoT), from basic research to industry transition and product development and support.

Added 6/22/2016

Organization: Bergkamp, Inc.
Point of Contact: Crystal Lance
Phone: 7858251375
Description: InPave is the first real-world pothole patching performance monitor and management system. We help governments stay informed and in control with InPave reporting that captures data from each patching event and sends that data instantly. InPave is a cloud based program standard on all our patching equipment.
Organization: BYD Heavy Industries
Point of Contact: Zach Kahn
Phone: 2134007279
Description: BYD is the largest manufacturer of electric buses in the world. Beyond electric buses, BYD manufactures all electric heavy trucks, delivery trucks, fleet cars, energy storage systems, solar PV, and LED lighting. BYD is dedicated to building the smart cities of today with a focus on transportation electrification. BYD is based in downtown Los Angeles, and has two manufacturing facilities in Lancaster, CA. BYD offers 7 different electric bus models in the US and 3 classes of trucks.
Organization: Downtowner
Point of Contact: Sam Knapp
Phone: 503-516-8543
Description: Downtowner utilizes a mobile phone application to dispatch rides using a fleet of 100% fully electric low speed neighborhood electric vehicles. All service areas are focused on a downtown area and its surrounding neighborhoods. Downtowner is focused on providing short-trip rides that are too far to walk and too short to drive. We are a last mile mobility solution.
Organization: EZR Mobile
Point of Contact: Simon Coyle
Phone: 916 220 5550
Description: We are a Smart Signage company that provides a platform by way of Text, NFC, "Tap" or QR scans. Customers at Citywide parking lots can access our platforms that are specific to the business attached to the parking structure or lot, Airports, Malls etc. We provide information, schedules. payment portals etc. A portal for directions back to the parked car is one of our most popular features. We are looking to complete applications from Cities that don't have smart signs in place.
Organization: Gazos
Point of Contact: Jon Mestdagh
Phone: (702)325-2796
Organization: Glocol Inc
Point of Contact: Ranju
Phone: 916-533-3190
Description: At Glocol Networks, we are reinventing Seamless Mobility, IOT and Smart City infrastructure components, demonstrating how emerging Transportation Data, Technologies and Applications can be integrated with existing systems for a smarter and better-connected future. Glocol provides the fabric for modular solution set for smart transportation and smart city.
Organization: Greenlots
Point of Contact: Thomas Ashley
Phone: 424-372-2577
Description: Greenlots offers advanced electric vehicle fleet infrastructure and load management solutions. Greenlots is a global provider of open standards-based distributed energy resource solutions. Greenlots' SKY Smart Charging charge management platform bridges electric mobility, demand side management, and behind-the-meter energy storage markets for the built environment. Greenlots operates the largest open DC Fast Charging network in North America.
Organization: Parkifi
Point of Contact: Collin Sullivan
Phone: 4124176247
Description: Parkifi's sensor delivers real time occupancy data to cities and its residents.
Organization: R Systems
Point of Contact: Harsh Verma
Phone: 9169395146
Description: R Systems, is a specialized IT Services & Solutions company working on providing software development for Smart City IOT technology application development using some of the industry's highest quality certifications and standards, including CMMI Level 5, PCMM Level 5, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008
Organization: Solar Power and Light
Point of Contact: Brent Boyd
Phone: 9372479194
Description: Providing: EV charging stations, Solar carports and pergolas, LED lighting
Point of Contact: Kiel Ova
Phone: 503-530-8487
Description: TTS is a technology company and information provider for the automotive industry, commercial fleets, telematics integrators, and other transportation service providers. The core product, Personal Signal Assistant, utilizes existing public infrastructure and communication protocols to provide data products for use in connected vehicle applications. Our patented cloud-based solution and nationwide deployment allows for immediate V2I integration using cellular communications to the vehicle.

Added 6/13/2016

Organization: ArqBravo Group
Point of Contact: Eduardo Javier Muñoz
Phone: 7147213429
Description: ArqBravo is a company with Headquarters in California. Our core business is solving urban environment transportation, energy and water problems, with a systemic vision, a disruptive business model and developments that will revolutionize the way we transport people, data, goods, water and energy. Microgrid with IoT connectivity integrated with driverless electric vehicles, created a whole new world around smart grid and sustainable transportation concepts. Data-Energy-Mobility.
Organization: Bridj
Point of Contact: Jon McBride
Phone: 310-968-5381
Description: BRIDJ is an innovative mass transit solution using demand aggregation and real-time traffic information to provide more efficient and accessible transportation, improve travel time reliability, and capture valuable data to inform future decision making.
Point of Contact: Matt Robson
Phone: 2504128318
Description: Smart solar-powered LED traffic beacons and outdoor lighting
Organization: Cisco
Point of Contact: Barry Einsig
Phone: 1+202-441-5852
Description: Cisco's Digital Transportation Solutions securely connect disparate intelligent transportation systems to improve traffic flow, reduce roadside incidents, and provide a centralized view of highway systems. This view includes road conditions, traffic, construction, and transit information. You benefit from improved decision making and reduced operating and maintenance costs.
Point of Contact: Arlene Ducao
Phone: (646) 627-8952
Description: Multimer makes location decisions easier by collecting and analyzing millions of quantified self data points throughout the city. For this first-of-its-kind system, Multimer develops proprietary wearable sensors, deploys them on multitudes of people every day, then analyzes the data against existing geographic insights. Multimer's SaaS Decision Engines are made for professionals in real estate, retail strategy, and advertising.
Organization: EB Systems
Point of Contact: Jonathan Ruiz
Phone: 8168729927
Description: We utilize our eBeacons mobile app, Bluetooth beacons, and our proprietary Beacon Reader device to create rich Internet of Things enabled environments to bridge the gap between the digital and physical web. Examples of where our technology is being used for Smart City applications includes Community Improvement Districts, Public Safety Organizations, Educational Institutions, and Transit.
Point of Contact: Greg Cerminara
Phone: 412-269-4622
Description: Our expertise in ITS master planning, scoping assessment studies, system definition analyses, agency coordination, ITS facilities design, and operations and maintenance are integral to the successful planning, development, and deployment of Smart Cities.
Organization: moovel
Point of Contact: Patti Kelly
Phone: 5127311863
Description: moovel looks forward to supporting the Smart City Challenge winner and the goals of the Smart City Challenge by thinking big about how technology can solve complex problems and enhance mobility in the world's biggest cities.
Organization: Moovit
Point of Contact: David Klein
Phone: 510-604-4244
Description: Moovit is a real time app with everything you need to ride public transit smarter around the world. By combining transit data with live inputs from the crowd, Moovit gives commuters and tourists a complete real-time snapshot of what their trip will be like and suggests the fastest, most comfortable routes
Organization: National Instruments
Point of Contact: Bill Uhl
Phone: 303-519-7653
Description: $1B Leading Manufacturer of Instrumentation for Autonomy, IoT, Vehicle Electrification
Organization: Overland ATS, LLC.
Point of Contact: Wally Kissel
Phone: (352)248-0161
Description: Overland ATS is a revolutionary transportation infrastructure which aims to eliminate the problems of congestion, gridlock, and insufficient highway capacity.
Organization: Parkopedia
Point of Contact: Eugene Tsyrklevich
Phone: 917-310-3178
Description: Parkopedia is the leading provider of parking services to the automotive industry. By providing drivers with the information on location, pricing and real-time availability of off-street and on-street parking, Parkopedia reduces the need for drivers to drive around the block looking for parking, causing unnecessary congestion and pollution.
Organization: Q-Free
Point of Contact: Jeffrey Adler
Phone: 757-546-3401
Description: Q-Free is a leading global supplier and systems integrator for intelligent transportation systems including tolling, traffic management, infomobility, and parking management.
Organization: SICdrone
Point of Contact: Dan Bosch
Phone: 2068561392
Description: We offer drones for citywide use in easing traffic congestion, speeding up construction on roads and even picking up trash.
Organization: SiriusXM
Point of Contact: Gary Wallace
Phone: 972-753-6230
Description:  SiriusXM is partnered with several state and local agencies toward enhancing and accelerating coast-to-coast deployment of Connected Vehicle pilots as a means to dedicated short range radio communications (DSRC) as the foundation for a ubiquitous vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) system, leveraging the unique capabilities of SiriusXM's existing network infrastructure, exclusively-licensed spectrum, and in-vehicle hardware/software platform.

Added 5/31/2016

Organization: BestMile
Point of Contact: Leemor Chandally
Phone: 9172254999
Description: BestMile offers an agnostic fleet management platform designed to connect, operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. With its cutting-edge cloud technology, BestMile is shaping individual robots into an intelligent, innovative and flexible mobility system. Its flexible and modular platform provides either a turnkey solution, including a smartphone application, or interfaces with customers' existing infrastructures and applications.
Organization: Giant Gray, Inc.
Point of Contact: Fred A. Palma, Jr.
Phone: (916) 501-6051
Description: Graydient platform is an advanced, machine learning solution that teaches itself and continuously learns the expected operating conditions purely through observation. Graydient is a highly scalable, adaptable and offers a multi-sensor data fusion behavioral analytics platform that includes Video, time phase numerical data (SCADA, Building Management data sources) and Cyber.
Organization: iSoftStone
Point of Contact: Koda Skurzewski, Head of Innovation
Phone: 845.499.3306
Description: As the first group of participants in Smart City, iSoftStone is not only the deputy director unit of China Smart City Development Promotion Alliance and National Industrial and Technical Innovation Strategic Alliance for Smart City under the leadership of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and National Development and Reform Commission, but also the enterprise member of National Smart City Standardization Group under the leadership of the Standardization Admin. 60+ cities wide
Organization: Open Data Nation
Point of Contact: Carey Anne Nadeau
Phone: 8606700117
Description:  Open Data Nation ( creates plug-and-play, productivity-based solutions that combine open, public data with data science techniques to increase transparency and productivity of public agencies. Open Data Nation does more than map open data. We use open data to predict outcomes, help prioritize resources, and establish data-driven performance metrics.
Organization: Place Global
Point of Contact: Alan Johnson
Phone: 303-885-5773
Description: Turnkey ecosystem and platform that allows non-programmers to create, deliver and track proximity-based experiences which contain rich targeted content, audio, video, HTML and more.
Point of Contact: Blake Culberson
Phone: 678-920-9079
Description: The Smart City Startup Consortium was created to help Smart Cities access a group of startup companies that work together to address the US DOT's 12 Vision Elements.
Organization: Streetline
Point of Contact: Stephanie Benton
Phone: 650-242-3423
Description: Streetline is a leading smart parking company delivering analytics and parking guidance to solve parking issues for Cities. Streetline's technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier, while making cities more efficient. Streetline helps cities and enhance their "smart city" initiatives. Our vision is simple: to solve parking and make smart cities a reality.
Organization: Think-Craft
Point of Contact: Alex Post
Phone: 6464849828
Description: Think-Craft is Brooklyn-based experience design studio that takes a human centered and research based approach to crafting spaces, strategies and content. Our profound commitment to innovative design solutions sees us redefining the spaces we inhabit at both private and civic scales. The studio aims to stimulate meaningful conversations, behaviors and impact social change through holistic systems thinking and carefully considered design.
Organization: TouchSource Inc.
Point of Contact: Petek Sabunis
Phone: 303.828.4983
Description: Green incentive based digital directory, signage, and announcement systems that display real time transit, shared ride, and bike information.
Organization: Veniam
Point of Contact: Dan Kennison
Phone: 925-303-0203
Description: Veniam enables vehicles with multi-network capabilities, allowing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. Using DSRC (IEEE 802.11p), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/g/n/ac) and cellular (3G and/or 4G/LTE), Veniam connects vehicles and their occupants to each other and to the Internet, delivering wireless Internet access to mobile devices inside a vehicle and collecting high-definition data from a fleet of vehicles

Added 5/17/2016

Organization: Black & Veatch
Point of Contact: Steph Stoppenhagen
Phone: 913-458-2998
Description: Black & Veatch is a global engineering, consulting and construction company headquartered in Overland Park, KS. Founded in 1915, Black & Veatch specializes in the deployment of energy, water, telecommunications, transportation and smart city infrastructure. Services we offer include: Smart City Plan and Roadmap Development; Holistic Program Management; System Design and Integration; Infrastructure Deployment; and Data Management and Analytics, leveraging our ASSET360TM analytics platform.
Organization: Brandbumps
Point of Contact: Jim Rice or Gary Henshue
Phone: 608-237-3577
Description: Brandbumps is developing its patent pending Smart Panel that will enable cities to leverage these existing and underutilized assets at each street corner. Smart Panels placed where ADA detectable warning panes are required, will deliver the infrastructure necessary for Smart City / Smart Transportation technology companies to securely and unobtrusively house the placement of their antennae and electronics that is pervasive, manageable and revenue producing.
Organization: CitiSite Corporation
Point of Contact: James Lapham
Phone: +1(209)257-3070
Description: CitiSite is a global Leader in Smart City Technology our Chameleon Series Product line brings WiFi, Security Camera, Smart LED Street Lighting, Small Cell and DAS, Electric Vehicle Charging all to the Municipality in an attractive patent pending concealment package. We work globally with OEM's like Nokia to create seamless solutions and platforms designed to enhance today's Smart Cities.
Organization: CIVIQ Smartscapes LLC
Point of Contact: Brad Gleeson
Phone: 3606200232
Description: CIVIQ is the manufacturer of the LinkNYC solution. We design and deploy high-performance public structures that integrate WiFi, mobile LTE and smart sensor technologies. They're designed to work together to create a seamless WiFi hotspot that spans large corridors of a city, while the built-in sensors provide valuable data cities need for monitoring traffic, weather, and air pollution. Charging stations let pedestrians power devices on the go.
Point of Contact: Ann Henebery
Phone: 2028794700
Description: The Eno Center for Transportation has launched a multi-stage research and recommendation project focused on the economic, environmental, safety, and health impacts of emerging advancements in metropolitan transportation. The program entitled "Digital Cities: How Technology is Changing Transportation and How Public Policy Should Respond" has created a stakeholder advisory group and hosted its first "Convergence" Summit.
Point of Contact: Kari Campbell
Phone: 608-249-8549
Description:  The InfraMarker System combines RFID, magnetic locating, cloud data management, and geo-locating software to mark, locate, and manage infrastructure asset points. Built to support all subsurface systems such as gas, electric, water, fiber-optic, and cable, the InfraMarker system offers a turnkey solution to underground and above ground asset management.
Organization: Itron Idea Labs
Point of Contact: Alex Huppenthal
Phone: 970 306 3358
Description: Itron Idea Labs and Smart Cities group are working with US Universities to develop and deploy Smart Cities resource measurement systems that help Cities make infrastructure and asset decisions more easily. Itron's IoT and telemetry networks bring crucial gas, water, electricity and sensor data to provide real-time views of a Cities resource utilization in co-operation with Utilities and services departments. Idea Labs is actively reaching creating high value solutions for Smart Cities.
Point of Contact: Joel M Dalenberg
Phone: 517-260-6332
Description: New Eagle has been a leader in the application of model-based design into production, embedded systems. New Eagle has grown from providing engineering solutions to supplying production control systems in a variety of applications - electric and hybrid system, alternative fuel engine control, hydraulics, autonomous systems, and overall vehicle control. New Eagle Energy is developing EV City Transit Vehicles for Customers and OEM's using proven industry validated components and vehicle controls.
Organization: Nimble Consulting Inc.
Point of Contact: Betty Magome
Phone: 4157548414
Description: Nimble is a program and change consultancy that helps energy companies deploy transformational change initiatives. Nimble helped a major utility launch a new Smart Meter center - the largest of its scale and size at that time. Services: governance and stakeholder management, change management, training, facilitation and program management. Relevant knowledge: GIS and Smart Meter, Utility, Government. Nimble is 100% woman owned and a Diversity Supplier of the CA Public Utilities Commission.
Organization: Obey Proximity LLC
Point of Contact: Nick Pargaz
Phone: 702-489-5010
Description: Please take a look at our website. We have multiple ready to go solutions for smart cities utilizing iBeacon technology. Thank you.
Organization: OPTIMYS
Point of Contact: Hazem Elshorbagy
Phone: 4123394599
Description: Deploying measurement technologies in the waste management industry to increase efficiency, improve recycling rates, reduce emissions and save city costs.
Organization: P3 Communications Inc
Point of Contact: John G Albrecht
Phone: 9739846055
Description: A leading global consulting and engineering firm, P3 supports companies across the automotive, telecommunications and aerospace industries to bring their products from the innovation stage to full implementation. Our unique differentiation lies in our strategic consulting expertise combined with deep technical and engineering skills to offer management solutions to challenges in product development and manufacturing. Our strength is in our people and the innovative entrepreneurial spirit we bring.
Organization: PTV Group
Point of Contact: Shaleen Srivastava
Phone: 571.218.6042
Description: PTV Group provides software and professional services to cities and regions for optimizing the movement of people and goods for a sustainable and smart future. Our software solutions assist in planning and managing the existing and future transportation systems, such as autonomous and connected vehicles, ride-shares etc. PTV Group software enable cities to optimize movement of people and goods in real-time for mobility services, traffic management/operation and for short to long term planning.
Point of Contact: Derek Fulk
Phone: 734-761-5836
Description: Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI) builds world class driving simulators for your research needs. RTI products: On- & Off-Road Simulators: including 6DOF & 3DOF motion bases. SimCreator: A graphical, hierarchical, real-time simulation & modeling system. SimObserver: A stand-alone digital collection & review system. OverTilt: A Motion Drive Algorithm (MDA) that provides an advanced form of tilt coordination. SimVehicle: A high-fidelity, multibody, real time vehicle dynamics model. Realtime Technology
Organization: Splunk, Inc.
Point of Contact: Shawn Ahmed
Description: Splunk takes your machine data and makes sense of it. IT sense. Security sense. Business sense. Common sense. Splunk products deliver visibility and insights for IT and the business. Splunk has over 11,000 customers in more than 110 countries using our software to improve infrastructure and IT operations, application delivery, security and compliance, business analytics, and to leverage the power of industrial data and the internet of things.
Organization: Swiftly, Inc.
Point of Contact: Jonathan Simkin
Phone: 858.414.5241
Description: Swiftly is a San Francisco based technology company that creates data-driven software to improve urban mobility. Our platform consists of three main components: a low cost and more accurate real-time passenger information system, a mobility as a service (MaaS) mobile application, and a data platform that analyzes vehicle and people movements to help cities and transit agencies reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.
Point of Contact: Patrick Regan - VP, Smart Cities
Phone: 412-429-8888
Description: LED Street Lighting & Smart Cities Technology Integration - turn key GIS/GPS asset inventory auditing, design & engineering, installation, project management, controls integration, advanced analytics, system commissioning, utility billing analysis, warranty management, project financing, utility rebate optimization
Point of Contact: Danielle Patton
Phone: 4154048504
Description: Kid CarPool is a mobile app that simplifies the carpool experience for families. There is no simpler way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than setting up a carpool. 20-30% of morning traffic is attributable to parents driving their children to school ~40% returned home immediately after dropping their children at school. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary traffic by making carpooling fun and effective, saving parents time and money while simultaneously decreasing emissions.
Organization: Wireless EDGE
Point of Contact: John Arthur
Phone: 914-216-4087
Description: Wireless EDGE is a site development and tower company that specializes in developing and operating antenna facilities on Governmental properties. Wireless EDGE serves municipalities, public agencies and commercial real property owners with our expertise in network infrastructure. We provide unique solutions to overcome difficult siting and we provide a comprehensive array of services including turn-key antenna site development, materials and logistical support, construction management and custom
Organization: XLR8SUN
Point of Contact: Larry Wexler
Phone: 4072566244
Description: Lightweight delivery fleet providing energy storage and solar generation at V2G bidirectional charging station.
Organization: Zonar
Point of Contact: Kurt Nantkes, Senior Vice President
Phone: 2068782459
Description: Zonar fuels innovative technology solutions that are shaping the future of smart fleet management. A recent example includes its deployment in smart city finalist City of Denver Department of Public Works. More info on this initiative may be found here:

Added 4/29/2016

Organization: 5D Robotics
Point of Contact: Karen Jenkins
Phone: 442-325-1009
Description: Currently implementing Autonomous Behaviors and Precise (+/-2cm) accuracy for V2X solutions. (indoors, outdoors, air and ground vehicles)
Organization: Air Expertise Colorado
Point of Contact: Maureen Barrett, P.E.
Phone: 303.670.0515
Description: Engineering and science expertise in applying US EPA models to determine most fuel-efficient and least carbon intensive transportation alternatives.
Organization: BLERVAQUE Sprl
Point of Contact: Vincent Blervaque
Phone: +32 475200711
Description: I am an independent expert based in Brussels with 15 years experience in ITS including smart cities, connected vehicle and automated driving, member of the C-ITS Platform led by the European Commission. Based on my extensive network in Europe and worldwide with leading ITS professionals, I can provide great support in facilitating cooperation with European stakeholders (cities, industry, research) for exchange of best practices and knowledge sharing.
Organization: Cimcon Lighting Inc.
Point of Contact: Chris Davis
Phone: +1 978 320 4085
Description: Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), CIMCON Lighting is the leader in intelligent street light control systems, enabling cities to become “smart” by integrating intelligence, controls, wireless connectivity and smart sensors on street lighting infrastructures. CIMCON’s solutions provide the city an ideal “on-ramp” for creating a smart “multi-services” platform for driving energy efficiency, sustainability and a reduction in operating and maintenance costs.
Organization: CourthouseUSA, LLC
Point of Contact: Billy Burle
Phone: (615) 944-9040
Description: 2MAPS is a geospatial-based product that provides a parcel-level affordable housing and traffic reduction model to aid in "smart growth" and sustainable development.
Organization: DatamanUSA
Point of Contact: Jason Hargrove
Phone: 720-248-3121
Description: DatamanUSA is a local IT services company. We are currently providing IT Services to public sector organizations across the country.
Organization: FLIR Systems
Point of Contact: David Shahon
Phone: 888-205-0328
Description: All over the world, traffic managers use FLIR’s solutions for automatic incident detection, data collection, vehicle and pedestrian presence detection, management in tunnels, bridges and smart intersections. To enable cities to become smarter, FLIR provides a cloud based data analytics solution, fusing the traffic data with Wi-Fi sensor data, helping traffic engineers determine travel behavior, measure travel & delay times, and monitor congestion and signal performance of the road network 24/7.
Organization: Gemalto
Point of Contact: Philippe Benitez
Phone: 5125545646
Description: Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, is celebrating 20 years at the heart of designing digital solutions to secure, connect and monetize the Internet of Things. We have solutions that include an application enablement platform to simplify the deployment of M2M cloud services, robust device connectivity and communication suite and security technology to protect everything from the data to the device to the entire network. Our technology has helped cities and organizations around the world.
Point of Contact: Carlos Hernandez
Phone: 703-728-2725
Description: The Company is currently engaged in pioneering software technologies and developing advanced analytical health management solutions for use in defense aviation, commercial aviation, energy, and ground transportation systems.
Point of Contact: Will Overstreet
Phone: +1.678.938.1556
Description: GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. is an established provider of cost effective systems for intersection control, data collection and situational awareness. GRIDSMART is managing congestion and safety at intersections by using technology that improves traffic signal operation in order to reduce delays and optimize system efficiency. The GRIDSMART System allows traffic managers to use one technology to visually assess real-time traffic concerns and access long-term vehicle counts and performance data.
Organization: Hill & Smith Inc.
Point of Contact: Jim Kennedy
Phone: 865-712-6758
Description: Hill & Smith, among other ITS products, provides cameras designed for the collection of data from moving traffic regardless of speed or illumination. We can extract unique identifiers for each vehicle computing travel times between locations, or provide traffic volume data for signal timing or O&D studies. This equipment can become a component of a SafeCity system, identifying vehicles on a BOLO list, or log vehicles activity in a particular area.
Organization: Hortonworks
Point of Contact: Lisa Bibby
Phone: 512-775-5779
Description: We are a big data platform that enable the Internet of things and smart technology solutions
Organization: LQD
Point of Contact: Tim Snyder
Phone: (201) 912-7006
Description: LQD provides "Palo", unified technology hubs where anyone can engage with the community, the Internet and local services at any time. Palo hubs are street-smart, providing a network of public information, safety and emergency assistance.  Palo is a next-generation business solution that engages people and communities in a new urban experience, inspires municipalities to connect with their constituents and significantly boosts local economic activity.
Organization: MAPPS
Point of Contact: John "JB" Byrd
Phone: 7037876996
Description: MAPPS is the national association of surveying, mapping and geospatial firms.
Point of Contact: Robert Radulescu
Phone: 864-422-3448
Description: Michelin manufactures and sells tires for airplanes, automobiles, farm equipment, heavy duty trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. Michelin possesses manufacturing sites in 6 US states as well as an R&D center in Greenville, S.C. Amongst the different areas of research that we investigate is urbanization and the development of solutions for safer, cleaner, and more reliable transportation for future smart cities.
Organization: MultimediaLED
Point of Contact: Adam Hollis
Phone: 951-280-7500
Description: MultimediaLED located in Corona, California has engineered, developed and perfected the revolutionary Digital Bus King sign. The Digital Bus King sign is the future of communicating to pedestrians walking and waiting on your city streets. Our proprietary software which is GPS enabled allows you the ability to quickly push out messages for public safety; such as route changes and closures, emergency weather alerts, amber alerts or other critical community information.
Point of Contact: Chris Hutchison
Phone: 614-345-5001
Description: NetSteady is a leader in providing distributed networks that deliver services where conventional networking techniques are not effective. Our engineering experts have developed some of the largest voice, video and data networks in the United States. We have become the "go-to" organization for many cities, ranging from basic engineering, to full network design, monitoring and support.
Point of Contact: Douglas Davenport, CEO
Phone: 415.867.7498
Description: ProspectSV is a non-profit organization working with technology and government innovators to launch smarter, cleaner solutions in energy, transportation and the built environment. The organization works to advance urbantech — the field where urban infrastructure and emerging technology intersect. ProspectSV brings together innovators from government, corporations and academia with start-ups, developers and product teams to accelerate commercialization and adoption of new technologies.
Organization: Quicket Solutions
Point of Contact: Mitch Urbanczyk
Phone: 3124052459
Description: Quicket Solutions provides FBI CJIS-compliant cloud-based, mission critical solutions for law enforcement. Its e-citation, report, and digital evidence platform is a turnkey solution that enables digitization of information at the source of an incident along with real-time data sharing, streamlined report generation and data analytic tools for real-time insight into operations. Quicket improves operational costs and efficiencies, boosts officer safety, and increases public convenience.
Organization: RideLeads
Point of Contact: David Miller
Phone: 703-929-3597
Description: RideLeads offers software that allows cities to offer Uber-style services, thereby investing in their own digital transportation infrastructure. The RideLeads platform powers Washington, DC's new universal e-hail taxi app, which includes ADA accessibility, services for the unbanked population, detailed data reporting, and many other benefits that are helping increase the efficiency and public service benefit of its taxi fleet.
Organization: Siemens ITS
Point of Contact: Wendy Tao
Phone: 415-246-2822
Description: Siemens Mobility provides Smart City solutions to customers related to the management of traffic, transport, logistics and intelligent streetlighting. We design, implement and manufacture solutions to ready our roadways for connected vehicles; supply sensor-based infrastructure for adaptive control, bicycle and transit signal priority; develop traffic management solutions that integrate multiple modes; and develop scalable B2B platforms to schedule, book and pay for intermodal mobility services.
Point of Contact: Michael Lencioni
Phone: 303-220-0720
Description: Stellar Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned engineering services firm that specializes in providing high caliber engineering talent to complex projects in the transportation, Infrastructure, aerospace, defense, science, and commercial sectors. Stellar Solutions provides rapid response capability within the various engineering disciplines.
Organization: Teradata Inc.
Point of Contact: Bob McQueen
Phone: 407 491 2842
Description: Teradata provides end-to-end solutions and services in data warehousing, big data and analytics, and data science applications that enable cities to become data-driven. This positions cities to increase safety, improve efficiency, and create the most compelling experience for residents and visitors. We have extensive experience in working with city and transportation agencies to build a bridge between data science and transportation. Together, we can apply urban analytics to gain detailed insight.
Point of Contact: Jason Kugel
Phone: 262-754-4340
Description: TAPCO is a industry leading provider of intelligent solar powered traffic warning devices. These smart devices are tailored to many traffic challenges, such as Horizontal Curves, Wrong Way Driving, Dangerous Stop Sign intersections, Pedestrian Crossings, and many other types of warning systems. TAPCO utilizes our 60 years of industry experience to apply unique engineering and these systems are architected for communications using Cellular, WiFI and Local 900/2.4 GHz Wireless.
Organization: Transit Labs Inc
Point of Contact: Farhan Daredia
Phone: 202.750.0827
Description: Transit Labs is a transportation analytics startup helping cities move people and goods faster and cheaper.
Point of Contact: Rick Warner
Phone: 844 879 8777 X7
Description: Real time parking information services, Technology and services that enabled the TPIMS project.

Added 4/18/2016

Point of Contact: Dan Raudebaugh
Phone: 404-518-2322
Description: CTE provides support to fleets to minimize the challenges associated with the operating characteristics and fueling requirements of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles. CTE helps organizations match propulsion and fuel technologies to the most appropriate fleet applications. CTE's modeling and simulation services provide independent, third party assessments to help organizations make informed zero-emission vehicle procurement and deployment decisions. CTE is a non-profit organization.
Organization: Foribus
Point of Contact: F. Gill
Phone: 313.437.2367
Description: Consultant on DSRC solutions
Organization: Kapsch TrafficCom
Point of Contact: Steve Sprouffske
Description: Kapsch TrafficCom provides intelligent mobility solutions and professional services focused on smart city requirements such as vehicle miles traveled, urban congestion, integrated corridor management, connected vehicle and advanced traffic management systems. Our global experience and integrated solutions for transportation, communications, and energy will ensure your smart city project is a success.
Organization: Kinetic Metrics LLC
Point of Contact: Emily Reichard
Phone: 7037724088
Description: Automotive safety consulting and data analytics. Assist clients in understanding and implementing U.S. safety compliance regulations, as well as completing research into autonomous and electric vehicle solutions.
Organization: McCain, Inc.
Point of Contact: Nathan Welch
Phone: 7607345020
Description: Manufacturer and solution provider of Intelligent Transportation hardware and software
Organization: MetroTech
Point of Contact: Robert Bruckner
Description: MetroTech converts current camera infrastructure into traffic sensors & publishes real-time, lane-level data for improved signal timing, driver safety & transportation planning. Using data analytics, raw data is examined & stored to measure, identify, & evaluate traffic flow, patterns & trends along with incident detection & wrong way drivers. Typical accuracy is 95% averaged over 1 minute. MetroTech works with municipalities, TMCs, & DOTs to help make smarter decisions regarding traffic.
Organization: Mobilitie
Point of Contact: Rachel Fenton
Phone: 801-910-7949
Description: Mobilitie is the largest privately held public utility in the country, and is constructing a new hybrid transport network that provides high-speed, high-capacity bandwidth in order to facilitate the next generation of devices and data-driven services and to meet our ever-growing demand for connectivity. Mobilitie's network can support the US Department of Transportation and Smart Cities with connected and autonomous vehicles, rideshare and bike share programs, electric vehicle charging stations,
Organization: PayBySky Inc.
Point of Contact: Bern Grush
Phone: 6472188600
Description: PayBySky is a parking payment service for commercial delivery & service vehicles. Frequent parkers. Attach to vehicle OBD, automatic-detect payable parking by minute, debit a parking wallet, negotiate cloud credentials (license-plate enforcement). 100% automatic (no user task). Guarantee exact parking payment; no meter citations to drivers. Street. Lot. Garage. Loading zones. Variable pricing. Demand pricing. Progressive pricing. Grace periods. Big data. Parking & trip logging. Personal & Fleet.
Organization: Proterra Inc
Point of Contact: Rich Feldman
Phone: 206-659-7072
Description: Proterra is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission, battery-electric transit vehicles that enable bus fleet operators to significantly reduce operating costs while delivering clean, quiet transportation to communities across North America. The Proterra Catalyst is the world's most efficient battery-electric bus with a technology-centric, modular design that can be configured to meet the needs of any route. Proterra has sold more than 122 buses to 15 transit agencies.
Organization: SGS Testcom
Point of Contact: James M. McCarthy
Phone: 617-721-7475
Description: SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS Testcom (SGS) is one of the industry's leading experts on the use of information technology and data analytics in the transportation industry. We offer well-defined processes, advanced technology, and proven data management techniques. Our expertise is in the management of transportation agency's data systems, data analytics, safety and compliance. SGS brings smart data insight to ITS.
Organization: Smarking Inc.
Point of Contact: Cassius Jones
Phone: 6503805114
Description: Smarking is a parking data analytics platform for municipalities and transit authorities. By aggregating and normalizing existing parking data generated from off and on street parking assets (gates, meters, pay stations, sensors and others) Smarking builds holistic data analytics platforms designed to get cities organized around their existing parking data in order to implement smarter pricing, inventory allocation and planning decisions and grow seamlessly into the connected age.
Point of Contact: Ken Montler
Phone: 971.404.5308
Description: enables "smarter" community services kit-by-kit, app-by-app. start with you, and your community goals. Leveraging open standards, open data and open APIs we incubate better choices from EU(Fiware), AUTO (Genivi) and NIST (CitySDK). was formed by proven leaders with backgrounds in super computing (Intel) , Smarter Cities (IBM), open source, open data (Presidential Innovation Fellow) and NEV's (DaimlerChrysler)
Organization: V5 Systems
Point of Contact: Mike Grosswald
Phone: 9549451142
Description: V5 Systems, based in Fremont, CA, manufactures self-powered, portable computing systems for outdoor Intelligent Security and Industrial Internet applications. V5 Self-Powered Portable Units are designed for Outdoor Linux-based Industrial Internet Control and Data collection applications; Outdoor intelligent security applications: video surveillance, acoustic and chemical detection. 3rd party developers can run their applications on V5 self-powered outdoor portable computing systems.
Organization: Wave Mobile Solutions
Point of Contact: Geoff Smith
Phone: 4083069205
Description: DSRC V2X Manufacturer that provides DSRC, Wi-Fi and Backhaul which support more Smart City Applications

Added 4/11/2016

Point of Contact: Shruti Vaidyanathan
Phone: 2025074021
Description: ACEEE is a nonprofit that seeks to foster innovative technologies, programs, policies, and behaviors to develop smart and energy-efficient transportation systems for people and goods. We quantify the energy-related benefits of advanced transportation solutions and evaluate transportation programs at the state and local levels.
Organization: Arup
Point of Contact: Gary Hsueh
Phone: 415-946-0209
Description: Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, and engineers offering a broad range of professional services. We engage with agencies and industry in thinking about and analyzing the future of cities and new mobility in terms of travel demand, energy and emissions, policy, data, equity, economics, and the built environment.
Organization: Carma
Point of Contact: Paul Steinberg
Phone: 408-540-9942
Description: Carma has been active in Public Private Partnerships with the Federal Highway Administration and dozens of DOTs and local transportation authorities since 2009. Our work with real-time ridesharing, carsharing and carpooling has been instrumental in policy changes, and we are an active participant in many grants for Smart Cities around the USA.
Point of Contact: Dan McVaugh
Phone: 303-993-3293
Description: Successful in the development of innovative and cost effective solutions to Design, Build, Modify and Maintain wireless systems. Our turnkey offerings include Engineering, Construction, Regulatory, A&E, Project Management, Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting. A full turnkey provider, we adeptly serve major wireless carriers, equipment manufacturers, tower owners, government entities and private industries. With all of the tools and expertise needed to provide highly technical and precise
Organization: CMG
Point of Contact: Andres Carvallo
Phone: 512-215-9080
Description: We a world-class smart city planning framework and services that include the how to on development of strategies, use cases, business cases, processes, and use of best practices to create, deploy and manage the digitalization of energy, water, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, education, public safety, public works, parks and recreation, economic development, legal, financial, and e-government services.
Organization: Connecthings
Point of Contact: Ron Espinosa
Phone: 9802772515
Description: Connecthings deploys in the public space, contactless technologies (Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, QR code, Wi-Fi) turning urban, passive physical assets (street furniture, bus stops, public lighting…) into smart, connected objects able to interact in the city with mobile users in bringing contextualized, high added value information. Our integrated Internet of Things platform has been awarded by numerous smart city and innovation international prizes. Connecthings has deployed the largest network
Point of Contact: James Benson
Phone: 216-266-8789
Description: We enable cities to leverage their street lighting to be a data-collecting network that sees, hears and harnesses the data that is everywhere. Embedded sensors that seek, find and collect data. And with GE's open and inter-operable solution, the applications that are derived from the data collection can be designed and built by any party. Essentially, whoever has a great idea for a city-improving application can put that application to work for the city.
Organization: Econolite Group, Inc.
Point of Contact: Douglas Terry, P.E.
Phone: 714-575-5701
Description: Econolite is uniquely positioned to fulfill the advanced transportation technology and traffic management needs of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) development. Since 2004, Econolite has contributed to the technological advances made in DSRC (IEEE 802.11p) and SAE J2735 standards. Econolite’s V2I solutions provide a platform through which data is exchanged between vehicles and infrastructure, specifically signalized intersections and roadside equipment (RSE).
Point of Contact: Matthew Barksdale
Phone: 8163092314
Description: Engage Mobile specializes in custom software and mobile application development. Our transportation focus has us poised to develop applications to reduce friction for users in areas such as casual carpooling, and first/last mile solutions.
Point of Contact: Ken Granader
Phone: 303-324-5787
Description: Provider of long range wireless Machine-to-Machine communications devices. Enables remote management and control of traffic control devices, video solutions and wi-fi access.
Organization: Garageio
Point of Contact: Nathan Yellon
Phone: 6146365003 x702
Description: Garageio is a WiFi-enabled garage controller that modernizes delivery logistics by turning garages into a personal delivery destination. Currently working on integrations with smart cars and many other Internet of things devices.
Point of Contact: Andrea Thompson
Phone: 651-789-7345
Description: For over 45 years GTT has been making cities smarter by connecting vehicles to infrastructure. Opticom priority control solutions and Canoga traffic sensing solutions move people through cities quicker, improve emergency vehicle safety and reduce transportation emissions. Worldwide, GTT technology has connected over 70,000 intersections and 70,000 vehicles with customer partnerships exceeding 3,100 cities.
Organization: IBI Group
Point of Contact: Jill MacKay
Phone: 206-521-9091
Description: IBI Group is a global firm of engineers, planners and architects. Our multidisciplinary professionals work together to design for local communities, applying technology to human needs and human challenges. From high-rises to industrial buildings, schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, transit stations to highways, airports to toll systems, bike lanes to parks, we design every aspect of a truly integrated city for people to live, work, and play.
Organization: INRIX, Inc.
Point of Contact: Rick Schuman
Phone: 407-298-4346
Description: INRIX collaborates with leading automakers and government agencies worldwide to enhance mobility across the world's transportation networks. As a leading global provider of traffic and parking information, connected car services, and smart city analytics, INRIX empowers citizens, informs city planning and enhances commerce.
Organization: Iteris, Inc.
Description: Iteris is an applied informatics firm. We provide transportation elements associated with Smart Cities, including intelligent, sensor-based infrastructure to collect and differentiate vehicle, pedestrian, and bicyclists at traffic signals. We enable urban automation with mobility data aggregation and real-time analyses to improve safety, enhance the value of regional mobility and local accessibility, and ready our roadways for connected vehicle transportation. See more at
Organization: LVL1 LLC
Point of Contact: Scott F. Rotman
Phone: 484-354-5520
Description: LVL1 provides support for smart cities and related solutions. Network Management, Content Development, Content Management, On-Site Technicians, and other services.
Organization: moovee innovations inc
Point of Contact: donald wong
Phone: 6043222177
Description: Moovee offers driverless vehicle platforms and technologies under centimeter level accuracy in positioning and navigation, with V2X connectedness through a mobility SaaS, as part of its Automated Transport portfolio.
Organization: NRG EVgo
Point of Contact: Scott Fisher
Phone: 609-524-4647
Description: The EVgo® network is the largest public DC fast charging network in the nation. EVgo’s forward-looking infrastructure is invested across the country right now in more than 25 markets with a target of 40 by the end of 2016. EVgo drivers can access more than 1,000 fast charging locations, along with individual charging stations at homes, schools, offices, multi-family communities and hospitals across our growing network.
Organization: Pangea Motors LLC
Point of Contact: Ken Montler
Phone: Ken Montler
Description: Pangea Motors designs, builds and manufacturers low/mid speed electric vehicles for the movement of goods and people. Using rapid prototyping engineering combined with fewer and interchangeable components, state of the art batteries, provides the platform for application specific vehicles that can be tailored for specific use, operating environment and performance criteria. Pangea Motors goal is to be the platform for both autonomous and driven vehicles for “first mile/last mile” solutions.
Organization: Park Smart s.r.l.
Point of Contact: Pierluigi Buttiglieri
Phone: ++39 3492808008
Description: PARK SMART is a software platform, which identifies and indicates in real time the availability of parking places in monitored areas. The software uses video cameras, even those already existing in the territory for security reason, to process the images through a simply-to-install embedded solution, so to provide information on the availability of parking to mobile APPs for drivers. The system also helps parking management companies to monitor their spaces efficiently.
Point of Contact: JQ Segl
Phone: 281.453.0200
Description: Hardware, software and firmware to monitor and control ITS devices
Organization: Phantom Iot
Point of Contact: Ken Tola
Phone: (303) 974-5252
Description: We provide unified security and management for IoT systems.
Organization: Pivotal Software, Inc
Point of Contact: Ward Maddux
Phone: 303-748-2830
Description: In two of Pivotal’s recent automotive projects, the team addressed several auto manufacturer goals by looking at traffic data sets. One company wanted to use GPS data to identify important patterns around speeding, determine why the behavior was happening, and see how the vehicle could help the driver make smarter decisions. In another effort, the data science team needed to provide predictions for the smart city and smart vehicle of the future—answering how long an accident and related traffic
Organization: PLAT.ONE INC
Point of Contact: George LeBron
Phone: -6502
Description: PLAT.ONE provides CITY.ONE, an application and data management platform that enables centralized monitoring and control of city services regardless of the underlying technologies, vendors, or devices. Today, CITY.ONE is the glue that brings disparate and siloed data together and is the Smart City dashboard for many cities around the world.
Organization: Purple
Point of Contact: Mike Greig
Phone: +1 626 460 9964
Description: Purple is a guest WiFi platform that is legally compliant, has content filtering, social login, deep analytics and marketing tools. It is cloud-based and integrated with all leading wireless hardware providers. We are working with over 20 cities across the globe. It enables them to: increase social reach, provide a multilingual service, monetize the WiFi network, surface tourism and transport information and gain a better understanding of footfall.
Point of Contact: Becky Vincent
Phone: 858-756-7541
Description: Vincent Enterprises is a woman-owned engineering and business solutions company. Our strengths are in design, development, and fielding of complex systems. We deliver complicated multifaceted technical projects on schedule and budget. Our vehicular and consumer electronics knowledge would be an asset to the smart city team. Our experience making concepts into reality would be valuable in developing the intelligent transportation system of connected, automated, autonomous vehicles.
Organization: Smart City Results
Point of Contact: John Niles
Phone: (206)781-4475
Description: We are an independent team of Smart City professionals with experience in vehicle electrification, electrification infrastructure, wireless communications, vehicle automation, new forms of shared mobility, cost-benefit analysis, performance measurement, transportation economics and finance, community development, team building, process analysis, and preparation of successful funding and project proposals. We look forward to helping you achieve Smart City results.
Organization: Soofa
Point of Contact: Oliver Madden
Phone: 6038979433
Description: Cities like Boston, Cambridge, and Los Angeles work to close the digital divide, activate space, inspire innovation, and grow civic engagement with technology-enabled street furniture, developed by Soofa. We’ve worked with municipalities of all sizes to provide residents and visitors with free charging for mobile devices, public Wi-Fi, and pedestrian analytics. Because Soofa products are sustainably powered by solar, all are quickly deployed, and require no changes to existing infrastructure.
Point of Contact: Senthil Gunasekaran
Phone: 408-797-6795
Description: TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Solution includes the IoT enabled, integrated IUX platform for Big Data; pre-built IUX applications with domain-specific data models for transportation, water, and energy and a rich set of APIs for third party application development. The IUX platform integrates data from multiple domains- water, transportation, energy, city commerce, and open governance -for a unified urban vision, shared intelligence and collaborative city initiatives.
Organization: Teknotraffic
Point of Contact: Joaquin Segl
Phone: 408.657.7345
Description: Consulting services
Organization: The Digit Group, Inc.
Point of Contact: Paul Doherty
Phone: 7326187245
Description: The Digit Group (TDG) is an innovation firm that provides Master Planning, design and development of Smart Cities. With over 20 Smart Cities on the boards from around the world, TDG is the global leader in implementing real world Smart Cities solutions. Our successful implemented innovations are focused on comprehensive eco-system solutions that include an array of clean tech energy, water, transportation and Internet of Things (IoT) ingredients that make up a unique recipe for your city.
Organization: Transdev North America
Point of Contact: Sean Quigley
Phone: 240-353-1583
Description: Global leader in multi-modal transportation operations and innovation. Expertise in electric vehicles, automated vehicles, ride-hailing, ride-splitting, first-last mile transit access solutions, shared ride, vehicle maintenance, taxi, paratransit, rail, and fixed-route bus operations. Industry leader in smarter mobility solutions.
Organization: Transmap Corporation
Point of Contact: Laura Israel
Phone: 614-481-6799
Description: Pavement and roadway asset management
Organization: Velociti, Inc.
Point of Contact: Tammy O'Bannon
Phone: 913-551-0133
Description: As the industry leader, our versatile background allows us to seamlessly and effectively manage the installation and deployment of a wide range of technology solutions for Transportation, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Restaurants and Public Venues. With a nationwide team of skilled installation technicians, Velociti has the ability to support deployments of any kind, anywhere.
Organization: Xaqt
Point of Contact: Chris Crosby
Phone: (312) 285-0301
Description: Xaqt provides Smart Data Applications that make cities and communities safer and more connected. Xaqt's Smart City and mobility analytics platform promotes open standards, frameworks and SDKs that bring new innovation to cities, and creates new markets for developers. The modular platform handles all aspects of connecting a city’s data, from ingestion through analytics and developer enablement.
Point of Contact: David Cummins
Phone: 301-807-5775
Description: Mobility App, Smart Parking, Transit Solutions, Vision Zero Solutions, etc.

Added 3/28/2016

Organization: Acyclica
Point of Contact: Matt Cullen
Phone: (719)351-2020
Description: Traffic congestion management software. We provide high-resolution analytics and information at the arterial level. We work with ports, cities, and DOTs all over the world to help these organizations make the most of their existing infrastructure and help traffic move more smoothly.
Organization: Airbornway Corp.
Point of Contact: Rodger Gibson
Phone: 2033953724
Description: Hello, I have a new type of transportation system. It is a people mover. I assume you are familiar with trams and how they work. They require massive machine to drag the trams back and forth, they are limited in distance and cannot turn. My System is called Eagle System. Eagle rides on a pair of cables just like a tram but that’s where the similarities end. Eagle drives itself along the pair of cables (self driven).  it can turn and travel any distance.
Organization: Bentley Systems
Point of Contact: Mo Harmon
Phone: 225 733-3696
Description: Bentley Systems helps users leverage information mobility across disciplines and infrastructure project lifecycles to deliver better-performing projects and assets. Use a wide range of products from reality modeling, civil conceptual and detailed design, mapping, collaboration and operation services.
Organization: ChargePoint
Point of Contact: Dedrick Roper
Phone: 4088414585
Description:  ChargePoint operates the world’s largest and most open EV charging network with more than 27,000 charging spots. We’re transforming the transportation industry by providing the charging stations, mobile app, and the network that allow people to charge their cars everywhere they go. We’re also transforming the energy industry by developing intelligent energy management solutions.
Organization: CivicSmart, Inc.
Point of Contact: Michael Nickolaus
Phone: (202) 841-0225
Description: CivicSmart has patented a highly accurate, radar-based sensor that captures real-time, on-street parking occupancy and violation data, delivers guidance information to motorists, supports demand-based meter pricing, promotes parking program efficiency, reduces traffic congestion and increases city revenues. CivicSmart sensors are installed in the US, Australia and Africa, and our innovative technologies support over 2,000 cities' parking programs today.
Organization: Grush Niles Strategic
Point of Contact: Bern Grush
Phone: 1 647 218 8600
Description: Grush Niles Strategic works with local governments, public transit agencies, taxi and transportation network companies, advanced vehicle developers, and transportation innovators to prepare for the coming public and private markets for Transportation as a Service (TaaS). We help to anticipate, plan and prepare for, develop, market and grow shared-vehicle fleets including autonomous public transit fleets, designed to become massive and pervasive over time.
Point of Contact: Jake Davis
Phone: 303-661-1641
Description: Manufacturing, Engineering, Services Self-Service Kiosk Provider
Point of Contact: Ylda Capriccioso
Phone: 502-574-8272
Description: Real time traffic and bus data.
Organization: LVL1 LLC
Point of Contact: Scott F. Rotman
Phone: 4842221522
Description: LVL1 provides support for smart cities and related solutions. Network Management, Content Development, Content Management, On-Site Technicians, and other services.
Organization: MVMANT
Point of Contact: Blochin Cuius
Phone: 4917627293482
Description: MVMANT is a turnkey solution that enables Public Transit on demand, where the displacement of vehicles is managed by predictive algorithms. MVMANT also has an embedded advertisement and loyalty platform that increase profitability for the operator and lowers the price for the end user. How it works:
Point of Contact: Sridhar Jagannathan
Phone: 650-450-1064
Description: NEXT is a modular, scalable and personalized smart city transportation system. The basic unit of the system is a NEXT module, which is an autonomous battery-operated vehicle (about the size of small car). Modules connect together to form bus-like units. This solves the "last mile problem" by picking up commuters at home, combining the modules to form compact commuting units, and separating to drop people at the workplace, providing an efficient and delightful commute solution.
Organization: PennGlobe/PennSMART
Point of Contact: Marcia LaFemina
Phone: 2034847749
Description: PennSMART provides the most complete and customizable Smart IoT Lighting solutions ranging from energy efficient LED platforms, discretely integrated security cameras, sensors (gunshot, hazardous material, precipitation, etc), electric car charging stations, wifi, kiosks, and back-end networking.
Organization: Ridesharing Institute
Point of Contact: Paul Minett
Phone: +64 21 289 8444
Description: Would like to establish a 'road decongestion laboratory' focused on how to increase the rate at which people travel as passengers, especially those who have the means not to.
Organization: Robert Bosch LLC
Point of Contact: Scott Averitt
Phone: 734-979-3037
Description: Bosch technologies can enhance the efficiency and quality of life for Smart Cities through our research, development, technology, and services. We can bring a city's vision to reality through a variety of technologies such as autonomous and connected vehicles, sensor-based infrastructure, smart parking, urban analytics, smart grid & EV's and multi-modal transportation, to name a few. The Bosch smart city portfolio of solutions can be customized to your city’s needs.
Organization: Savari
Point of Contact: Franz Tschimben
Phone: 6692259893
Description: Deployed V2X Communications software and hardware in 6 US cities in California, Michigan, Washington, Arizona, and Virginia. We deploy communication ecosystems in cities that enable vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-smartphone, vehicle-to-trafficlight, vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. We are leaders in V2X communication and working with USDOT since 2010.
Organization: StreetLight Data
Point of Contact: Catherine Manzo
Phone: 650.300.5846
Description: StreetLight Data provides analytics describing key mobility behavior. With StreetLight InSight, cities and run routing, origin/destination, before/after comparisons and more in a matter of minutes, using billions of real-world trips sourced from mobile devices. StreetLight InSight has been used by cities, regions, and states across the country to use Big Data to measure, diagnose, manage and improve transportation.
Organization: Suspect Technologies
Point of Contact: Jon
Phone: 843-318-8278
Description: We build various computer vision, camera, and other sensor products for a variety of applications and would be interested in building them for Smart Cities or partnering with others.
Organization: SYNC City LLC
Point of Contact: Hannah Steinke
Phone: 2183306609
Description: SYNC City provides free Wi-Fi Kiosks to Smart Cities supported by advertising revenues. SYNC City looks to form a P3 relationship with the city and provides revenue sharing for the city and not for profit entities in the cities we serve.
Organization: TransitScreen
Point of Contact: Ryan Croft
Phone: 7035937937
Description: TransitScreen is a global information company. Our network of connected screens help make cities healthier, sustainable and more accessible for everyone. We are headquartered in Washington, DC with offices in San Francisco, Portland and New York City.
Organization: URB-E
Point of Contact: Peter Lee
Phone: 626-460-8113
Description: URB-E is a lightweight, foldable, electric vehicle that solves the “last mile” problem of urban transportation. Machined and built in the USA, URB-E travels up to 15 mph, has a 20-mile range and folds to fit conveniently in a bus, train, or car trunk. URB-E alleviates the daily pain points of urban commuting by linking city dwellers to transportation hubs efficiently and effectively while eliminating the need for parking, sitting in traffic, paying for gas, or squeezing an unwieldy vehicle onto
Point of Contact: Alex Devishev
Phone: 16467174455
Description: Vim & Vigor has developed a powerful wireless as well as wired charging product - solution that is user-friendly, safe to use to customers everywhere around the city. In collaboration with city taxi cabs and public transportation the seamless ability to charge your electronics using fast charge technology in a vehicle is a reality with Vim & Vigor. What if, rather than halting your day, you could keep moving and charge your device at the same time? Supports all existing types of charging.
Organization: Vizonomy
Point of Contact: Ricardo Saavedra
Phone: 704.962.6659
Description: Vizonomy helps cities increase their resiliency against flooding and other natural hazards. Their platform uses cloud computing, real-time mapping, and interactive graphics which together save planners hundreds of hours in data collection, analysis, and visualization. Estimate annualized economic losses by scenario, develop reports on asset exposure, and export reports for sharing. Vizonomy is based in Washington, DC and has been featured by NOAA and the White House Data Initiative.

Added 3/17/2016

Organization: iCabbi
Point of Contact: Bob Nixon
Phone: +353 86 3855716
Description: Cloud based dispatch system with associated consumer facing booking products such as Consumer Apps, Web Bookers, Advanced Phone Systems etc. As it's API based it means that it's easy to build new products for and to integrate them (or others) into the dispatch system. The dispatch system monitors vehicle positions, availability, waiting times, advanced reservations, data relating to all trips (upcoming or completed)
Point of Contact: Sarah Rienhoff
Phone: 4102992686
Description: Via operates the largest fully on-demand transit system in the U.S. aggregating people traveling from multiple origins. Via's technology enables people moving from multiple origins to multiple destinations to seamlessly share rides in professionally-driven vehicles -- in real time.

Added 3/14/2016

Organization: 911Cellular
Point of Contact: Cathy Langer
Phone: 2162836100
Description: 911Cellular offers a Mass Notification system as well as a Safety App, which uses the innovative Indoor Positioning System (IPS). This technology helps responders more accurately locate distressed individuals. The Safety App also has many other features to help keep residents safe.
Point of Contact: Ted Manser
Phone: 305 521-0200 x2
Description: Sales of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Operator of Blink Network
Organization: Citilabs
Point of Contact: Michael Clarke
Phone: 888-770-2823
Description: Citilabs develops software and data platforms for use in smart management, operation and planning. Our core software system is Cube--a cloud-based predictive multi-modal transportation analytics platform used in the analysis, simulation and operation of multi-modal transportation systems. In 2015, in partnership with Airsage, developed a data base of nationwide origin-destination movements of people and vehicles and directional traffic volume on all roadways.
Organization: Commuter Cars Corp
Point of Contact: Rick Woodbury
Phone: 509-624-0762
Description: We have designed a car with the footprint of a motorcycle, the weight of a midsize sedan with more side impact protection than any production car. It increases freeway lane capacity from the current 2,000 VPH to an astounding 4,400 VPH. It has the rollover threshold of a 911 Porsche, is pure electric, and has the fastest speed recorded by Consumer Reports through their Emergency Lane Change Maneuver (Moose Test). The Tango is the commuter car of the future with benefits of both car and bike.
Point of Contact: David Etherington
Phone: 541.654.5802
Description: Connected Signals uses existing infrastructure to connect traffic signals to vehicles. This allows us to provide real-time, predictive, signal information from signals connected to agency traffic management systems for a tiny fraction of DSRC-based approaches.
Point of Contact: Wachira Reed
Phone: 7037985058
Description: Drone Airspace Management (DAM): We get good innovated drone technology funded (Grant/private innovative funding strategies) and into the marketplace. We are a community voice and funding platform. DAM does not take position (equity) in our members companies. Currently we're working with Cisco and Detroit Aircraft Company on a Smart City innovative called Detroit Mobility Park Program, pending award. DAM's focus will be on securing UAS (drone) channels via one of our members patented encryption.
Organization: Live Traffic Data LLC
Point of Contact: Craig Anderson
Phone: 612-805-1970
Description: Live Traffic Data (LTD) is a data-technology company that has mastery over traffic signals and has come up with unique ways to help cities provide their citizenry new and smart public benefits from their public agency data. Our innovative system works with every traffic signal infrastructure in the US by adding advanced features, without interfering with the traffic safety obligation or costing the city taxpayers’ money that they don’t have. 1. Optimized Green wave: LTD offers advanced solutions.
Point of Contact: Eric Foster
Phone: 609-243-5638
Description: Munich Re is actively pursuing how to make safer roads and cities for drivers and pedestrians alike. We are involved in function as a catalyst for safer cities via the deployment of connected roadways/cars, crash avoidance technologies, & autonomous vehicles.
Organization: NFC-Interactive
Point of Contact: Nicolas Bournet
Phone: 33557858356
Description: NFC-Interactive develops solutions to connect any locations with its users. Our company specializes in mobility technologies and we offer digital services to cities in several fields like mobile ticketing (lightweight solutions for public transportation), event management, construction site management (information for people, mobility tools for workers), and waste management. Our solutions are based on a connecting platform that supports major communication protocols.
Organization: OpenDataSoft
Point of Contact: Ian Henshaw
Phone:  (919) 633-0055
Description: OpenDataSoft’s turnkey SaaS platform serves as both an open data portal & a smart city data hub. It’s natively designed for real-time sensor data, and includes built-in API generation & data visualization. To help the Phase 1 Finalists develop their ideas, we’re offering them a free license to the platform. It is the same version we’ve made available at no cost to all Code for America Brigades. (A lower-volume trial version of the platform is available to all at
Organization: Syndicated Maps
Point of Contact: Jeff Cohn
Phone: 3107218118
Description: Map developer building crowdsourced map databases that solve several community and industry problems.