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The Obama Administration has taken unprecedented action to build the foundation for a clean energy economy, tackle the issue of climate change, and protect the nation’s environment. Collectively the Administration’s energy actions are improving the efficiency of heavy and light-duty vehicles, encouraging the use of alternative fuels through the Renewable Fuel Standard, and developing technologies for advanced vehicles and fuels.

DOT is fostering an energy efficient transportation system across all modes of transportation. Transportation accounted for 70 percent of U.S. petroleum consumption in 2010 and nearly a third of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Light-duty vehicles and heavy trucks are the greatest petroleum users in the transportation sector.

Policy and Action

New policies put in effect by the Obama Administration will:

  • Save consumers and businesses money at the pump and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved vehicles and aircraft, alternative fuels, and practical transportation alternatives.
  • Provide more transportation choices to help connect people to opportunity.
  • Move freight by the most efficient and convenient modes, offering substantial reductions in petroleum use.
  • Reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by measures to improve transportation system efficiency across all modes, for example by modernizing the aviation system.

Key Reports

Updated: Wednesday, February 18, 2015
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