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Office of Economic and Strategic Analysis

About Us

Initiates and develops Secretarial policies relating to the financing of transportation infrastructure; the use of economic analysis in evaluating infrastructure investments, rulemakings, Departmental programs, and other initiatives; the use of economic analysis in reducing congestion and enhancing the efficient operation of transportation networks; and other applications of economic analysis in transportation policymaking.  Provides economic analysis of recommendations and proposed rules.  Oversees the development and implementation of the Department's strategic plan.


To analyze domestic transportation matters involving the public and private sectors that require decisions or actions by management and to assess their economic implications. To conduct economic evaluations of significant regulations prepared in the Department and make recommendations to the Secretary on their economic implications.

What We Do

  • Develop and Review Economic Analysis Relating to Regulations
  • Conduct Economic Analyses
  • Develop Guidance for Transportation Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Develop Policy Initiatives for Freight Transportation
  • Develop the Department's Strategic Plan


  • Analyzes the economic implications of public and private transportation policy issues.
  • Conducts and reviews analyses of economic measures (e.g., pricing policies, market based solutions) intended to alter freight and passenger transportation choices and to improve overall transportation productivity and efficiency.
  • Conducts or reviews analyses of the economic viability and productivity potential of new transportation applications based on emerging interdisciplinary research, advanced technologies, and shifts in consumer attitudes.
  • Supports the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy in developing recommendations for the Office of General Counsel regarding the economic evaluation of significant regulations prepared in the department.
  • Provides analysis of issues involving the financing of transportation infrastructure projects, including new institutional or financial arrangements.
  • Conducts or reviews analyses on the economic and financial viability of new transportation technologies and related program proposals.
  • Provides leadership and direction in the Department’s strategic planning activities.
  • Facilitates, in cooperation with the operating administrations, the identification of long term transportation issues to guide the development of the Department’s strategic plan.

Key Reports


Updated: Wednesday, December 21, 2016
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