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GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment Workshop I

September 18, 2014  

10:00 AMIntroductions and Welcoming RemarksDavid Ishihara
Deputy Associate Administrator for Operations, USDOT/Volpe Center
10:15AMOverview of GPS Adjacent Band Compatibility Assessment
(947 KB PDF)
Karen Van Dyke
Director, Office of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)
10:25 AMOverview of the Implementation Plan (GPS Receiver data collection, modeling, and receiver testing)
(313 KB PDF)
Stephen Mackey, Hadi Wassaf
USDOT/Volpe Center
11:00 AMDevelopment of GPS Receiver Use Cases (4.2 MB PDF)Hadi Wassaf
USDOT/Volpe Center
11:30 AMGPS Receiver Use Case Template
(113 KB PDF)
Hadi Wassaf
USDOT/Volpe Center
12:00 PMLunchAll
1:15 PMGPS Receiver Data/Characteristics Needed (416 KB PDF)Hadi Wassaf
USDOT/Volpe Center
2:30 PMGPS Antenna Data/Characteristics Needed (1.5 MB PDF)George Dimos
USDOT/Volpe Center
3:45 PMBreakAll
4:00 PMTimeline, Proprietary Data, and Next Steps (295 KB PDF)Stephen Mackey
USDOT/Volpe Center
4:30 PMOpen DiscussionAll
5:00 PMAdjournAll

All Presentations were presented by the Volpe Center with feedback/discussion by participants.

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