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Personal Assistance Request Form


An employee who travels for work and requires the services of a PA is not personally responsible for covering the additional costs incurred as a direct result of the travel. PA services can be provided through DRC's contracted services and/or by invitational travel (family member/friend).

  • The DRC will work with the employee and manager to determine whether a PA will be provided en-route with the employee, or whether the service will be provided at the destination only. The DRC can explore both of these options even if the employee indicates a preference.
  • The employee must provide the DRC with his or her travel itinerary including: general description of needed PA services, general schedule of services, and all specific information relating to the travel (i.e. departure and return information, hotel, work site location, etc)

Each trip taken by an employee is considered a unique event and must be carefully considered as to how best to provide the accommodation. For example, one trip might involve a single overnight stay, while another might involve being on travel for several weeks. DRC has the option of exploring whether the appropriate reasonable accommodation is to send the employee's PA and pay for the travel-related expenses or to arrange for on-site PAS at the travel destination via a pre-established government contract.

Last updated: Tuesday, July 11, 2017