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Evaluation of the DOT Disability Resource Center (TecAccess Report)

The U.S. Department of Transportation founded its Disability Resource Center (DRC) to provide and support Reasonable Accommodations (RA) requests for People with Disabilities (PWD).  This research study was initiated to support the Departmental Office of Human Resource Management to enhance service delivery from the DRC to the rest of the Department, and to also provide a platform for employees with disabilities to share their insights and impressions about the DRC.

TecAccess, an accessibility consulting company, was hired to conduct an on-site evaluation in November of 2008 to determine the current effectiveness of the DRC and to provide feedback, observations and recommendations.  TecAccess has expertise in the areas of legislation, technology and workplace issues as they pertain to People with Disabilities (PWD).  In addition, TecAccess’ project leader’s background includes a degree in Organizational Behavior, as well as many years working with and for PWD’s. TecAccess is an employer of people with disabilities, and these employees participated in conducting this study.

Our overall study findings indicate that the issues impacting the DRC and Employees with Disabilities and their managers and supervisors primarily deal with communication at many levels.

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