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What You Need to Know

Are you looking for an exciting Transportation Career? Consider a career that offers an emerging and diverse workforce, competitive employee benefits and services, recruitment incentives, endless opportunities, and job security!

Why consider employment with DOT?

  • World-Renowned Leader in Transportation Safety
  • Commitment to Quality of Life in Livable Communities
  • Pride and Sense of Achievement
  • Equal Pay..for Equal Work
  • Competitive Recruitment and Retention Incentives
  • Commitment to Professional Career Development Opportunities
  • Job Security
  • Creative, Innovative, Diverse Workforce
  • Highly-Skilled and Talented Workforce
  • Cutting-Edge Technology and Transportation Initiatives
  • Flexible Work Schedules/Telework
  • Competitive Employee Benefits and Services

DOT Offers...

  • Telework Program/Alternative Work Schedules (AWS)
  • Tuition Assistance/Tuition Reimbursement Programs
  • Training (formal, on-the-job, web-based)
  • Competitive/Non-Competitive Hiring Process
  • Hiring Options/Flexibilities for Hiring Managers
  • Temporary and Permanent Appointments (Part-Time/Full-Time)
  • Special Appointment Authorities
  • VRA, VEOA, 30% or more Disabled, Schedule A and C (www.opm.gov)
  • Recruitment and Retention Incentives
  • Paid Annual/Sick Leave – depending on appointment type
  • Performance Awards and Recognition
  • Training (formal, on-the-job, web-based)
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Details, Rotational Assignments, Shadow Assignments, IDP, Mentors
  • Market and Recruit for mission-critical occupations

All DOT Jobs ...

  • Provide competitive salaries, benefits and services
  • Advertise on "USAJOBS" and post on federal agency web sites
  • Note: Certain specialty occupations may be advertised on alternative recruitment solicitations Advertise under other recruitment solicitations
  • Bulletins, Flyers, Newspaper Advertisements, Social Media Networks
  • Offer similar government-wide positions, occupations, job categories
  • Transitional Occupation: Management and Program Analyst
  • BS Degree – Grade 7; MS Degree – Grade 9; PHD – Grade 11;
  • Note: no degree requirements beyond grade 11
  • Note: Specialized experience can be substituted for educational experience
  • High Turnover: Acquisition Specialist & Human Resource Specialist
  • Hard-To-Fill: Engineers, Economists, Statisticians, Psychologists
  • Provide technical support assistance for on-line job application process
  • Provide agency contact information for Human Resource Specialists
  • Offer Equal Employment Opportunities/Employee Assistance Programs
Updated: Friday, March 6, 2015
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