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Meet Ann-Bennett Cook

Ann_BennettCook_MediumA Student Success Story

Anne-Bennett Cook is a SEEP student employed in the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) within the Office of the Secretary (OST). SEEP offers students a meaningful work experience in areas not necessarily related to the student's academic studies. They may be employed for one summer or up to a year, with one–year extensions as long as they retain student status.

After earning her law degree and practicing for two years in Texas, Cook is looking for a change. She is pursuing a master's degree at Georgetown University in Communication, Culture, and Technology, and is interested in policy and how technology is shaping our business culture, government and daily lives. "I wanted to develop new media and technology skills, and get a handle on how agencies are using technology to revitalize office culture," said Cook. "I also wanted to explore how technology allows us to focus on problem–solving through collaboration."

The SCEP experience offers students a chance to gain valuable work experience directly related to their studies. SCEP is an agreement between the student, school and employer. Students are often eligible for permanent positions within 120 days of graduation. Participants in both SEEP or SCEP are eligible to work year round with flexible schedules.

Updated: Monday, March 9, 2015
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