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Federal Transit Benefit Practice Groups

Through the leadership and coordination of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), various Federal Agencies are invited to take part in the Transit Benefit Governance process. Government-wide Transit Benefit Program standards and uniformity may be set up through collaboration and coordination that begins with DOT’s establishment of Federal Transit Benefit Practice Groups.

The Groups will perform the following functions:


  • Advise the Secretary on the establishment of uniform vanpool policies and procedures, as well as other Transit benefit matters.
  • Streamline Transit Benefit policy government-wide.
  • Ask for the insight of agencies, associations, and other interested parties on proposed regulatory changes that may be of interest to them (solicitations may not be published in the Federal Register (FR); however, notice of availability of proposed changes to the Transit Benefit Policy may be posted in the FR if requested by a member of the Group.
  • Coordinate Transit Benefit Program Policy with Federal Agencies to establish uniform standards for developing and supporting Transit Pass and the Transit Benefit.
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