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Ribbon with "Compete for a prize purse of $350,000" as textSolvers will compete for an overall prize purse of $350,000.

All Solvers will compete for an invitation to Stage II. Five Stage I semi-finalists will compete for a portion of the $100,000 interim prize. Two final stage Solvers will compete for a portion of the $250,000 final prize.

USDOT will carry out this challenge prize competition under the authority of 15 U.S.C. 3719 – Prize Competitions.

The Three Stages of the Challenge:

Challenge Prizes. Stage I, Ideation: Solvers develop ideations. Five Stage I semi-finalists will be invited to develop their ideations into proofs of concept and compete for a cash prize. Stage II, Concept: Five semi-finalists develop ideations into proofs of concept and compete for part of a $100,000 prize purse. Two semi-finalists advance to Stage III. Stage III, Tool: Two finalists develop proofs of concepts into working tools and compete for a $250,000 prize purse, with each receiving a minimum of $50,000.


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Updated: Friday, April 5, 2019
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