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Recovery Guidance

A number of certifications are necessary under the Recovery Act to permit the timely release of funds. View Department’s guidance on these certifications, including the section 1201 Maintenance of Effort certification.

Secretary LaHood’s February 27, 2009 Letter

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood issued guidance on February 27, 2009, requesting action by the Nation’s Governors to make certifications and other assurances that the funding made available under the Recovery Act will be spent for worthy infrastructure projects.

  • View the Secretary's Letter

Secretary LaHood’s April 22, 2009 Letters on Section 1201(a) MOE Certification

All States submitted the section 1201(a) maintenance of effort (MOE) certification by the statutory deadline. An initial review of the 1201(a) MOE certifications revealed that that there is substantial variation among the States in the way they calculated and certified to their planned level of effort regarding State funding for the types of projects that are funded by the Recovery Act for the statutory period of February 17, 2009 through September 30, 2010. In order to help ensure that there is an equitable starting point for measuring whether States have met their MOE requirements, on April 22, 2009, Secretary LaHood sent States additional guidance concerning the section 1201(a) MOE certifications. The Department is providing an opportunity for States to review and amend their section 1201(a) MOE certifications by May 22, 2009, as appropriate.

  • View the guidance from 4/22/2009

Certification Letters Sent to States

There were four different letters sent to States. The version sent to a State depended upon the main concern with the State’s certification.

  • View the four letters sent to States

NGA Conference Call Follow Up on Section 1201(a) MOE Certification

On April 23, 2009, U.S. DOT staff held a phone conference with the National Governors Association to discuss the April 22 additional guidance on the section 1201(a) MOE certifications. A few questions were raised during the phone call that U.S. DOT promised to answer through questions and answers (Q&As) posted on the U.S. DOT Recovery Act web site.

  • View the NGA follow up Q&As