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Estimates of Jobs Created by DOT Programs

About Job Reports

For our monthly reports, we will generally use the same procedure, with each month’s report showing the change in job-months since the last monthly report.  The increase in job-months for the most recent month shows the average number of full-time employees at work over the past month. We will get monthly reports of direct job-hours and expenditures from all our grant recipients except for recipients of Federal Transit Authority (FTA) grants.  So for the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Maritime Administration, and the TIGER Discretionary Grants program administered by the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, we will use the same procedure to report monthly employment as we use to report employment for the periodic reports required by section 1201. For recipients of FTA grants, we will estimate monthly expenditures based on outlays from the U.S. Treasury for the previous month.  We will then use those estimated expenditure levels in conjunction with the input-output model used to estimate indirect employment to estimate monthly direct employment for transit projects.