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National Association of State EMS Officials


Data, Technical Assistance Innovation Agent
Dia Gainor, Executive Director

For those of who are thinking about addressing post-crash response, recognition that motor vehicle incident related victims are not all are fatal at the scene. Our members are the state government agencies that regulate ambulance services. They also engineer and improve state trauma systems. The use of helicopters and access to trauma centers make a statistically significant difference in patient outcomes. The serious crash victim who is hurt in one location versus the identical serious crash injury who is hurt in another location may have completely different outcomes based on the availability of ground EMS agencies and their clinical sophistication and helicopters to trauma centers. There are databases associated with each of these entities. Almost every state mandates EMS data reporting from the ambulance services and every state has a trauma registry. At the national level, there is also the National EMS Information System. The most recent complete year had 30 million records from ambulance services across the state, as well as inventory at the state level of emergency secure resources such as helicopters and trauma centers. We would be happy to connect with any Solvers who want to address the port-crash rate and assist them in their ventures.