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Google Cloud Public Dataset

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Technical Assistance Innovation Agent  
Shane Glass, Program Manager

The Google Cloud Public Dataset hosts copies of high-value public datasets so our users can come on it. It makes it easier for users to find datasets and put them all in one place. One of the biggest things we can offer is making the data available and BigQuery, our serverless sequence implementation. BigQuery makes it easier for users to find data, subset data, and do initial analysis of the data. It also makes it easier for you to bring your own data to the platform and join it with public datasets. BigQuery has connections out to Tableau for data visualization and includes access to Data Studio, Google Cloud’s free data visualization tool. Data Studio is easy to work with, can be embedded, and is totally web-based. There is no need to have any additional software installed and anyone with an Internet condition should be able to access it. BigQuery comes with one terabyte of queries a month in its free tier. If there are any other data sets or products you are interested in, feel free to reach out directly.