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Overview of Academy Materials

The Leadership Academy features a number of downloadable resources to help community members learn about the transportation decision-making process and share that information with each other.  Spend some time exploring the Leadership Academy web pages to find: 

A Transportation Toolkit that is written in plain language. The Toolkit: 

  • Is geared toward YOU, a member of the public, to help you learn how to engage in the transportation decision-making process at the local, regional, state and federal levels.
  • Demystifies the transportation decision-making process. 
  • Explains the lifecycle of a transportation project (i.e., plan, fund, design, build and maintain).
  • Defines key transportation acronyms and jargon using both text and graphics.
  • Highlights rights, responsibilities and engagement opportunities created by civil rights and public involvement regulations.

A Quick Guide that is a high level overview of the Transportation Toolkit.

A collection of Stories from Community Transportation Leaders to inspire your involvement.

A Facilitator Guide that is a companion to the Transportation Toolkit.  The Facilitator guide was created to:

  • Help you plan a Leadership Academy in your community! Invite your neighbors to learn from the Toolkit.
  • Help you and your community figure out how to transform knowledge into action. The exercises and activities in the Facilitator Guide can help you better understand the transportation decision-making process and help you figure out where you can get involved in local and regional transportation projects.

An Online Resource Library that provides more in-depth information on various topics that are covered in the Toolkit. The Online Library can:

  • Help you build on the transportation basics you learned in the Toolkit.
  • Provide useful resources and links to resources on the DOT website and on non-DOT websites.