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Privacy - FCMSA - ELD - PIA - FINAL - signed - 040314

FMCSA proposes performance-based technical specifications to accommodate evolving technology and standards, allow for inexpensive adoption of the technical specifications, and afford ELD providers maximum flexibility to offer compliant products that are innovative and meet the needs of drivers and motor carriers. However, FMCSA does propose specific standard data formats and outputs that ELD providers would need to use to transfer, initialize, or upload data between systems or to authorized safety officials.

The ELD SNPRM defines and describes the ELD as a recording-only technology with the ability to transfer data to authorized safety officials. This rulemaking would not require the ELD itself to analyze or review driver’s RODS data for any purpose, including compliance. Although the ELD SNPRM calls for the ELD to display the driver’s HOS record, it would not require the device used in a CMV to provide a specific type of advisory or warning signal to the driver of potential HOS non-compliance (for example, nearing the limit on daily on-duty-driving time). However, the proposed regulation would not prohibit ELD providers or carriers from offering or using an ELD that provides this type of signal. 

Last updated: Friday, April 4, 2014