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Notice of Funding Opportunity for the FY 2022 Thriving Communities Program

About This Document

The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to publish DOT’s application submission requirements and application review procedures to select Capacity Builders to provide technical assistance, planning, and capacity building through cooperative agreements with DOT for the Thriving Communities Program, as authorized by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 (Pub. L. No. 117-103).

The NOFO closed on November 29, 2022. Please subscribe for updates to stay up to date on future Thriving Communities Program opportunities.

NOFO Amendments

Amendment 2: The NOFO has been amended to make a minor language change, changing a “must” to a “may.” Specifically, in Section D.2.g. under the “Organizational Documentation” section, the second bullet is amended to read, “Nonprofit organizations must submit documentation that demonstrates their status as nonprofit organizations. This may include articles of incorporation, bylaws, certificate of good standing, and a copy of the most recent (not older than 18 months) IRS Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) (without attachments or schedules).”

Amendment 1: The NOFO has been amended to extend the deadline to November 29, 2022. The amended NOFO also includes a technical modification to Section D.2.c (Applicant Expertise, Staffing, and Project Management Plan). The modification is to note that the required 1-page organization or company profiles are not included in the 7-page limit for this section. Previously, this section indicated only that resumes do not count against the page limit.

Obtaining a UEI

Some potential Capacity Builder applicants have experienced issues or delays in obtaining a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), generated by

Due to these issues, DOT has determined that it is permissible for the lead applicant to apply without a valid UEI. However, the applicant must have a valid UEI before final selection and Federal award administration. Therefore, DOT recommends that NOFO applicants obtain a valid UEI as soon as possible.

Last updated: Monday, December 19, 2022