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Continuing Demand for Thriving Communities Program Technical Assistance

In its second year (FY 2023), interest in the Thriving Communities Program continued to exceed available funding. The DOT Navigator is a resource for those seeking to access other existing technical assistance resources available across USDOT. In addition, every state and region across the country has USDOT staff available to be a local resource

View the list of runner-up communities for the FY 2023 program and the list of runner-up Regional Capacity Builder applicants, including the communities they proposed for support.

USDOT is working with other federal agencies to coordinate and leverage the many different technical assistance and capacity building resources available through the Federal interagency Thriving Communities Network and to facilitate connections to other Federal and non-governmental technical assistance resources. USDOT also welcomes partnerships with philanthropic organizations to help advance its commitment to ensuring all communities have an equal opportunity to benefit from historic Federal infrastructure funding.

Map of the United States showing icons for all "runner up" communities not selected for participation. Communities are located across the country and fall within three communities of practice: Main Streets, Complete Neighborhoods, and Networked Communities.
Map of eligible community applicants that were not selected for participation in the FY 2023 Thriving Communities Program.