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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Savant Consulting Inc Paul Jones FL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
ANPRA Architecture, PLLC Anne Noel Perry NY Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
Eko Painting, Inc. Warren Eko HI Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
AR3 Transport, LLC Arthur Reed IL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
Anthony Rowe Masonry, HVAC & Construction Consulting Anthony Rowe IL Denial 2/1/18 DBE
R J LONGBOAT & SONS CONSTRUCTION INC Robert Longboat FL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
A ESTEBAN & CO INC Alfonso Esteban FL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
QUALITY & LOYALTY SERVICE TRUCK INC Osvaldo Deschamps Jr FL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
DESIGN TEAM 2GO LLC DBA DT2GO Byron Mcphaul FL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
H&S Construction & Mechanical, Inc. Daniel Hernandez NJ Denial 2/1/18 DBE
BULLS CONSTRUCTION GROUP LLC Elliot Bulls FL Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
Pristine Environmental, LLC Crystal Wilson AK Decertification 2/1/18 DBE
Roy D. McQueen & Associates, LTD Peter Yip NY Decertification 1/31/18 DBE
Harper Finish, LLC James P. Harper NY Decertification 1/31/18 DBE
US Veterans Construction & Management Corp. Lenny Johnson NY Decertification 1/31/18 DBE
DiVitta Alexander, PLLC Divitta M. Alexander NY Decertification 1/31/18 DBE
SUSAN H WELKER Susan Welker TX Decertification 1/31/18 DBE
SUSAN JAHNS MOORE Susan Jahns Moore TX Decertification 1/31/18 DBE
Sweetwater Equipment Rental Inc Gloria A Chalfa CA Denial 1/30/18 DBE
Kana Subsurface Engineering Erick Castro CA Denial 1/30/18 DBE
DBE Dowel Bar Express Krystal Giron , Benita M Blanchard CA Denial 1/30/18 DBE
Precision Daylighting, Inc. Madeleine Mclaughlin MO Denial 1/30/18 DBE
On the Mark Strategies Mark J Desio CA Denial 1/30/18 DBE


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