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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
HANA Engineers and Consultants, LLC Hyung-jun Kim , Jeffrey Zoeckler Virginia Denial 10/11/19 DBE
The Brown Sugar Kitchen, LLC Tanya Holland California Decertification 10/11/19 ACDBE
Standard Contracting, Inc. Rebecca Seidenkranz Iowa Decertification 10/9/19 DBE
Toole Design Group, LLC Virginia Decertification 10/9/19 DBE
SH Construction Consulting, LLC Shelly Horgan , Sheila Hrinda , Shannon Striner Pennsylvania Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
MIDTOWN TRUCKING CO Michael Collins Ohio Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
KEMS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. Ngozi Nkemere Ohio Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
RDM international, Inc. Peter C.k. Yip Ohio Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
NEXTLEVEL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES LLC Richard Coleman Ohio Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
BOZEMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, LLC Adrian Bozeman Ohio Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
TRAISE, LLC Heather Schuld Ohio Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
CROSS POINT SECURITY LLC Frederick Mayes , James Gillespie Jr Maryland Decertification 10/8/19 DBE
MSAB, LLC Laura Knight Georgia Denial 10/7/19 DBE
Redden Trucking, Inc. Kathy Redden Indiana Denial 10/7/19 DBE
Hutchison Supply Sheena Hutchison Virginia Denial 10/7/19 DBE
P.E. RELIABLE EQUIPMENT SERVICES, INC. Penny Evans Ohio Decertification 10/4/19 DBE
GLOBAL PROJECT CONTROLS, LLC Dina Abu-hassan Ohio Decertification 10/4/19 DBE
DELTA OMEGA COMMERICAL CLEANING, LLC Joseph Brown Jr. Maryland Decertification 10/4/19 DBE
Denali Pretzels LLC Alexandra Manzek , Ryan Manzek Alaska Denial 10/4/19 ACDBE
Rupert Construction Supply LLC Karen Wonnenberg Nebraska Decertification 10/3/19 DBE


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