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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
ACE COMPUTER CENTER, INC. Sharon Habibi Georgia Decertification 11/18/19 DBE
ASTERIX CONSULTING, INC. Meenu Sharma Georgia Decertification 11/18/19 DBE
ELITEROOFING & CONSTRUCTION Julius Peterson Georgia Decertification 11/18/19 DBE
DRACO SOLUTIONS, INC. Olivia A. Bradford Georgia Decertification 11/18/19 DBE
Scarfe Consulting, Inc. Danielle S. Scarfe Illinois Decertification 11/18/19 DBE
ABC Global Contracting LLC Andrew Hanus , Bradley Bagans Sr Virginia Denial 11/18/19 DBE
SGE Consultants, LLC Lisa Gasperec Texas Decertification 11/16/19 DBE
THE DAVIS GROUP, LLC Darreyl Davis Ohio Decertification 11/15/19 DBE
I.M.D.C., INC. Gregory S. Mundy Ohio Decertification 11/15/19 DBE
Aero Mechanical Systems, Inc. Jim Holmes Ohio Decertification 11/15/19 DBE
JWT&A, LLC John W. Todd Ohio Decertification 11/15/19 DBE
Easy Breezy SFO, LLC Ariel Ford California Decertification 11/15/19 ACDBE
River City Rebar, LLC Frances Collier Missouri Denial 11/15/19 DBE
AKI PARTNERSHIP, INC. Michelle Moody Georgia Decertification 11/13/19 DBE
Allied GIS Inc Gail Morrison Alaska Decertification 11/12/19 DBE
Carlos T. Carter Carlos Carter Pennsylvania Decertification 11/8/19 DBE
AEC Diversified, LLC Billie J. Mauler Pennsylvania Decertification 11/8/19 DBE
Marcellus Carpet and Upholstery Services, LLC Donnie Bowie Pennsylvania Decertification 11/8/19 DBE
M & T Electrical Contractors, LLC Mark Hart Sr. , Charles Pendleton Pennsylvania Decertification 11/8/19 DBE
Zinkov Health and Wellness Center, LLC Stanislav Zinkov Washington Denial 11/8/19 DBE
Air Ventures LLC George Walker Iv California Decertification 11/7/19 ACDBE
Ledge Light Technologies, Inc Olorunfemi Bajomo Connecticut Decertification 11/7/19 DBE
Amy Bloom Architecture Amy E. Bloom Massachusetts Decertification 11/7/19 DBE


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