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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Directions In Design, Inc. Jane Ganz Missouri Decertification 6/2/20 DBE
Anderson Design Consultants, LLC Albert E. Anderson, Iii Missouri Decertification 6/2/20 DBE
StratCommRx, LLC Kelly J Ferrara Missouri Decertification 6/2/20 DBE
BV Diversified consultants Deloris Berry Missouri Decertification 6/2/20 DBE
Lucy C. Williams, Architect Lucy Williams Missouri Decertification 6/2/20 DBE
WTB, Inc. Christina Tanney , Deborah Brown California Denial 5/29/20 DBE
Krazy Kracker Construction Kimberly Steele Pennsylvania Denial 5/29/20 DBE
V J Associates Inc. of Suffolk Vijay Desai , Virginia Decertification 5/27/20 DBE
Guytec Steel Inc. Casel Sattar Virginia Denial 5/27/20 DBE
AGO WORLDWIDE, LLC Frank Amo Adjei Maryland Decertification 5/27/20 DBE
Transportation Services, Inc. Rene Schutte , Brian Scutte California Denial 5/27/20 DBE
Rupert Construction Co. Matthew Rupert Iowa Decertification 5/26/20 DBE
Just What I Need Supply, Co. Michael Young California Proposed Decertification 5/21/20 DBE
Railroad Singal Specialists, Inc. Deena Cunningham , Scott Cunningham California Denial 5/21/20 DBE
DNI Services, LLC Don Warren Texas Decertification 5/20/20 ACDBE
CARGO TRANSIT, INC Lisa Fouts Kentucky Decertification 5/20/20 DBE
J & A Engineering, LLC. Jorgie Gomez California Denial 5/20/20 DBE
Denali Steel Erection, Inc. Brenton Cederstrom Alaska Decertification 5/19/20 DBE
M & L PEST CONTROL SERVICES, INC. Darryl Moran Alaska Decertification 5/19/20 DBE
Sader Concrete Construction Barry Sader Alaska Decertification 5/19/20 DBE
Aguirre & Fields, L.P. Oscar Aguirre Oklahoma Decertification 5/19/20 DBE


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