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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
C2 THREAT SOLUTIONS, LLC Brenda L. Clark Georgia Denial 10/29/19 DBE
LRR Trucking Larita Ramsey Ohio Decertification 10/25/19 DBE
WATSON FAMILY SERVICES, LLC Tavon Watson Maryland Decertification 10/25/19 DBE
BEYOND EXCELLENCE, LLC Rahsaan Bernard Maryland Decertification 10/25/19 DBE
Cromedy Constructio Corporation Bill Cromedy New York Decertification 10/25/19 DBE
Willow Environmental, Inc. Erin Waclawski Pennsylvania Decertification 10/24/19 DBE
BUSINESS SIGHT MANAGEMENT, LLC Marcez Val Howell Georgia Decertification 10/24/19 DBE
AGRATAS INTERNATIONAL, INC. Michael Banks Georgia Decertification 10/24/19 ACDBE
Apex Petroleum Corporation Anthony Onianwah Georgia Decertification 10/24/19 DBE
C B SERVICES, LLC Carol Bossert Maryland Decertification 10/24/19 DBE
Global Recycling, Inc. Stacie Laskin New York Decertification 10/24/19 DBE
Manifest Property Development, Inc. Rodney Currie Sr. , Tamika Currie , Rasheka Currie New York Decertification 10/24/19 DBE
Mk Civil LLC Mike Lee Virginia Denial 10/23/19 DBE
Pen-Trez Transport Services LLC Stacie Williamson Virginia Denial 10/23/19 DBE
Lawrence E. Wilt Lawrence Wilt Virginia Denial 10/23/19 DBE
Perdomo National Wrecking Company LLC Orlando Perdomo Sr. , Orlando Perdomo Jr. Virginia Denial 10/23/19 DBE
U.S. ESSENTIAL SUPPLY AND SERVICES LLC Kayla Dennis Washington Denial 10/23/19 DBE
RedMile Services, LLC Beth Moots Missouri Decertification 10/23/19 DBE
J.P. HOGAN CORING & SAWING CORP. Bernadette Hogan Georgia Denial 10/22/19 DBE
SVI, Inc Leah Munoz , Rachel Drenk Virginia Decertification 10/22/19 DBE


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