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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Fawn Trucks, LLC Tayor Foshee OH Denial 3/22/18 DBE
Western Plains Landscaping LLC Jeanne Snell WY Denial 3/21/18 DBE
Welshfield Trucking LLC Yvonne Todaro OH Denial 3/20/18 DBE
Blackwell Construction, Inc. Pierre Blackwell IA Decertification 3/19/18 DBE
J & J Elite Transportation, Inc. Laura Wright OH Denial 3/16/18 DBE
Brown Enterprise Solutions LLC George Brown OH Proposed Decertification 3/15/18 DBE
Mountain High Excavating, LLC Katherine Bedlion AZ Denial 3/14/18 DBE
Woodland Acres, Inc. Stephanie Rosengarten OH Proposed Decertification 3/13/18 DBE
Classic Window Treatments, LLC Susan Genz IA Decertification 3/13/18 DBE
No Problem Cleaning, Inc. Sherell Smith IL Decertification 3/12/18 DBE
Jag'd Construction, Inc. George E. Lyras , John N. Grillis OH Decertification 3/2/18 DBE
Sandy Ward-Williamson LLC Sandy Williamson OH Denial 3/2/18 DBE
L-MOR, Inc. OH Denial 3/2/18 DBE
Akbar & Associates, Inc. Akbarali Himani NY Decertification 3/1/18 ACDBE
Mireagan Group, Inc. William L. Mcilwain, Iii OH Decertification 3/1/18 DBE
MayLav Cleaners, LLC Lavender Wachira , May Lebo PA Denial 2/28/18 DBE
H & H Pittsburgh, LLC Isaac Norton Rendall Harper Iii , Cristine Henderson PA Denial 2/28/18 ACDBE
Stanton Huey Stanton Huey CA Decertification 2/28/18 DBE
Global Environmental Permitting, LLC Gulsum Rustemoglu CA Decertification 2/28/18 DBE
Dynamic Risk Solutions Courtney Lindsay CA Decertification 2/28/18 DBE
Denalia Advisors, LLC Robert Guenther Snigaroff CA Decertification 2/28/18 DBE
Perma Treat of Illinois, Inc. Sara Bond , Greg Dailey CA Decertification 2/28/18 DBE
Ayus & Co Baba A. Osiname CA Decertification 2/28/18 DBE


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