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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
So Cal Tree Care Inc Vicente Cortez California Decertification 7/25/18 DBE
John Sarmiento & Associates John Sarmiento California Decertification 7/25/18 DBE
Garaventa Consulting Joanna Garaventa California Decertification 7/25/18 DBE
Transport U Maureen Simmonds Pennsylvania Denial 7/25/18 DBE
7Aces Enterprises, Inc. Esperanza Najera Texas Denial 7/24/18 DBE
SOURCE OF STRENGTH Latrina Graham Georgia Decertification 7/24/18 DBE
MDE, LLC Tara Duggan Iowa Decertification 7/23/18 DBE
KELLY/MAIELLO, INC. Troy C. Leonard Ohio Proposed Decertification 7/23/18 DBE
HIGHER GROUND GREEN ROOFS, LLC Megan Meier Ohio Proposed Decertification 7/23/18 DBE
HOME GROUP DEVELOPMENT LTD. Richard Voner Ohio Proposed Decertification 7/23/18 DBE
BARNES REAL ESTTE GROUP, INC. Roosevelt Barnes Ohio Proposed Decertification 7/23/18 DBE
BAKER WLDING LLC Marta K. Baker Ohio Denial 7/20/18 DBE
O.A. SPENCER, INC. Othelda A. Spencer Ohio Proposed Decertification 7/20/18 DBE
ROBERT LOUIS GROUP, LLC James R. Foster Ohio Denial 7/20/18 DBE
Condall Consulting Group Sharmaine A. James Georgia Decertification 7/20/18 DBE
Pedro Bay Contractors, LLC Pedro Bay Corporation Alaska Decertification 7/20/18 DBE
WOOD FUNDI PAVING Cedric Thomas Ohio Proposed Decertification 7/19/18 DBE
DGL CONSULTING ENGINEERS, LLC Laurell L. Adams Ohio Denial 7/19/18 DBE
MAGNA VARIA LLC Ohio Decertification 7/19/18 DBE
Allvara, Inc Hanne Jeppsson California Denial 7/19/18 DBE
Crossover Ent LLC Donald Mark Witherspoon , Gary James Taylor California Decertification 7/19/18 DBE
EW Corporation Industrial Fabricators Tiberio Esparza California Decertification 7/18/18 DBE
EW Corporation Industrial Constructors Tiberio R. Esparza California Decertification 7/18/18 DBE
Paramount Enterprise Komal Badar California Decertification 7/18/18 DBE


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