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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Appeal Number Result Date Issue Application Type
SE Supply Company, Inc. Brad Mcfann Ohio 17-0116 Upheld 12/20/18 Ownership DBE
Global Logistics Solutions Mary Fryman Tennessee 18-0023 Reversed 5/23/18 Social and Economic Disadvantage DBE
HILLY HOWL INC Betsy Tunnell California 18-0002 Upheld 5/23/18 Control DBE
Memphis Electric Donald Thomas Tennessee 18-0068 Remand 5/23/18 Ownership DBE
Western Irrigation and Landscape, LLC Michael Obresbski Texas 17-0138 Upheld 5/21/18 Social and Economic Disadvantage DBE
GRFC 360 LLC Melvin Bryant Texas 17-0154 GFRC 360 LLC Remand 5/21/18 Control DBE
K-Kap, Inc. Paula Bridges , Keith Bridges Tennessee 18-0007 Reversed 5/15/18 Control DBE
Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning Lora Byala South Carolina 17-0125 Reversed 5/11/18 Control DBE
K.E. Wheeler Construction, LLC Kenda Wheeler Alabama 17-0151 Upheld 5/8/18 Ownership DBE
M D Solar Co Inc Rafique Kasim Hajee California 17-0144 Upheld 5/4/18 PNW DBE
DES Wholesale, LLC Fernando F. Deaguero , Kentucky 17-0117 Reversed 3/16/18 Ownership DBE
ArrowNet Group Yoel Yeshurun California 17-0132 Upheld 3/5/18 DBE
Dean Petroleum, LLC Keturah Lindsay California 17-0129 2/20/18 Cooperation DBE
Midwest Parking Lot Maintenance LLC Leigh Byrd , Camille Rains Ohio 17-0081 Upheld 2/15/18 Ownership DBE
McFall Sod & Seeding LLC Jackie Mcfall Tennessee 17-0130 Reversed 2/15/18 PNW DBE
New Dominion Construction Adrian Lawson Virginia 17-0107 Upheld 2/14/18 Control DBE
Twism Enterprises, LLC/d/b/a/ ValuCADD Solutions Shawn Alexander Ohio 17-0128 Upheld 2/12/18 Control DBE
Triple Diamond Trucking LLC Rojelio Rodriguez Sr. Illinois 17-0121 Upheld 2/12/18 Independence DBE
ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers, Inc. Leo Lee California 17-0139 Upheld 2/7/18 Control DBE
Peak Electric Lenora Mcintyre Ohio 17-0123 Reversed 2/1/18 Cooperation DBE
McElwain Industries Inc. Amelia Mcelwain Ohio 17-0085 Upheld 1/30/18 Control DBE
Page Excavating, Inc. Landa Page , Jeffrey Page Ohio 17-0115 Upheld 1/11/18 Control DBE


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