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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
THE MTR GROUP, INC Regina Bullock , Michael Bullock Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
APPLIANCE SOURCE OF SOMD, INC, THE Christina Oliff Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
CRAWFORD CONSULTING AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, INC. Patrick A. Crawford Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
LEO CONTRACTING, INC Leonidas Del Pino Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
IBUSINESS SOLUTION, LLC Pramod Srivastava Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
LANCE BAILEY & ASSOCIATES, INC. Lance O Bailey Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
HALL, R.L. TRUCKING, INC Rafthell L Hall Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
LADORN SYSTEMS CORPORATION Hazel Chan Maryland Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
Denise McNulty & Associates, Inc. Denise Mcnulty California Decertification 5/31/19 DBE
Arora Engineers, Inc. Manik K. Arora , Pennsylvania Decertification 5/30/19 DBE
PREMIERE Consulting Group Alvin Aalim Turner Maryland Decertification 5/30/19 DBE
Quality Construction/Maintenance, Inc. Gregory E. Lee Massachusetts Decertification 5/30/19 DBE
MCM Acoustics, LLC Michael Gallimore Connecticut Decertification 5/30/19 DBE
P & L Electric, LLC Bryan Palmer Connecticut Decertification 5/30/19 DBE
Stellar Services, Inc. Liang Chen New York Decertification 5/30/19 DBE
MET CONSULTING INC Mary Tracey Ohio Decertification 5/28/19 DBE
Chipley Consulting, LLC Price Chipley Georgia Decertification 5/28/19 DBE
COOPER CONSULTING COMPANY, INC. Connie B. Cooper Georgia Decertification 5/28/19 DBE
COPIER-PRINTER AND DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS, LLC James Shipmon Georgia Decertification 5/28/19 DBE
Colette Holt & Associates Colette Holt Hawaii Decertification 5/28/19 DBE
MARSHALL & COMPANY ARCHITECTS Laura S Marshall Georgia Decertification 5/24/19 DBE
SUBLIME DOUGHNUTS, INC. Kamal Grant Georgia Decertification 5/24/19 ACDBE
PHOENIX INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTING, INC. Cristina Sanders Georgia Denial 5/23/19 DBE


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