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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
BRYSON CONSTRUCTORS INC Ohio Decertification 8/20/19 DBE
MARAYE DESIGN STUDIO, LLC Lannetta V. Knotts Ohio Decertification 8/20/19 DBE
Ron's Concrete Specialist. Ltd. John Mainauupo Hawaii Decertification 8/19/19 DBE
M-O-N Landscaping, Inc. Rhode Island Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
McHenry Insurance Agency, LLC Charles Mchenry Pennsylvania Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
Sita Construction Co Inc Elsa Carretero New York Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
Williams Group, LLC Michael Williams , Florida Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
Souly 4 U Conglomerate, Inc. Vertina Long Florida Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
SINGH & ASSOCIATES INC Sadhu Singh Rikhiraj Florida Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
Hickey Pena Architects, LLC Mario A. Pena Florida Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
D A LOVETT ENTERPRISES LLC Demetria Lovett Florida Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS INC Joyce Walker Florida Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
Momentum Solutions and Supply, Inc. Christopher Fleming Virginia Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
OFC MOV, LLC Marvin Lewis Virginia Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
Elite Divers & Marine Services, LLC Paul Wood Virginia Decertification 8/16/19 DBE
BRANCH ENTERPRISES, INC. Evans 111 Branch Virginia Denial 8/15/19 ACDBE
Yanes Trucking Fidel Yanes Virginia Decertification 8/15/19 DBE
Elixson Transport Inc. Tonda Elixson Georgia Decertification 8/14/19 DBE
HELMS ENTERPRISES, INC. Ann H. Helms Georgia Decertification 8/14/19 DBE
Rapid Eye Movement REM, LLC Edward Day Pennsylvania Decertification 8/12/19 DBE
Blackout Electric Inc. Toweh Ketter Virginia Denial 8/9/19 DBE
Trojan Labor of Nashville, LLC Jolene Dressel Oklahoma Decertification 8/9/19 DBE
Triangle Construction & Utility, LLC Landi Blosser Oklahoma Decertification 8/9/19 DBE


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