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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
SOUTH EAST REBAR, INC. Garrett Starkey, Sr. Georgia Decertification 10/5/18 DBE
DOCQMENTS, LLC Ann D. Spew Georgia Decertification 10/5/18 DBE
HMR CONSTRUCTION, LLC Heidi Walters Ohio Denial 10/4/18 DBE
Breaking Ground Learning Systems, LLC Tammy J Johnson Ohio Proposed Decertification 10/3/18 DBE
TYLER COMMUNICATIONS, INC Tony Tyler Ohio Proposed Decertification 10/3/18 DBE
MunCor, LLC Ramiro Munoz Iii Texas Decertification 10/2/18 DBE
Whatever Pilgrim Lisa J Pilgrim Ohio Proposed Decertification 10/2/18 DBE
Abbie Jones Consulting PSC Abbie Jones Ohio Proposed Decertification 10/2/18 DBE
Portfolio Creative, LLC Catherine Lang-cline , Kristen Harris Ohio Decertification 10/2/18 DBE
ERIE ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION LLC Katie Davis Ohio Decertification 10/2/18 DBE
FORCUM TRUCKING, INC. Tracey Forcum Ohio Denial 10/2/18 DBE
Advantage Electrical Contracting Maintenance, Inc. Thelma Canales Texas Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
VAMSER GROUP, LLC Heenaba Khakhdia Ohio Proposed Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
Serenity Research, LLC Sandra Crum Ohio Proposed Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
HENDERSON CONTRACTORS CORPORATION Dan Henderson Ohio Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
VANCE'S UNIVERSAL LLC Miguale Vance Ohio Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
EDWARD CONSULTANTS, LLC Edward S. Fekpe Ohio Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
Flooring Foundations, LLC Melissa J. Albright Ohio Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
M & R Distribution Services, LLC Quentin Mccorvey , Joseph Record Ohio Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
URM, Inc. Harvey J. Newsom , Alvin Robinson Ohio Decertification 10/1/18 DBE
JWT&A, LLC John W. Todd Ohio Proposed Decertification 9/27/18 DBE


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