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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Olivarri & Associates, Inc. Leah Olivarri TX Decertification 4/6/18 DBE
Advanced Geological Sciences LLC Edward A. Council, Ph.d., P.g. OH Denial 4/4/18 DBE
H L Construction, Inc. Heather Long SD Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
A & L Contractors, LLC Linda Williamson SD Denial 4/3/18 DBE
Gence Corporation Gene Hale CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
TRI-CITY ENGEERING INC Oscar Ramirez CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
PLANT BIG Doan Nguyen CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
BIG REALTY Mark Chu CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
KOOL BREEZE SOLAR HATS INC Vernice Nellon CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
CLEAN SWEEP ENVIRONMENTAL Melissa Rodela CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
SKM PROJECT SCHEDULING SERVICES INC Santha Muthukaruppan Muthukaruppan CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
C & L Grading and Paving, Inc. Connie Grimes , Larry Grimes CA Decertification 4/3/18 DBE
Miller Enterprise Group, LLC Jimmie Miller OK Decertification 4/2/18 DBE
EcoMetric Consulting, LLC Salil Gogte PA Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
Ken's Concept Dining, LLC Chee Kien Leong GA Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
Modern Tektronix Assembly, Inc Paul Trang TX Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
Market Street Research, Inc. Amy Briggs MA Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
Marathon Food, LLC Ellena Haile MA Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
K W Gurman, LLC Beth Kalchthaler PA Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
Rightway Engineering, LLC Steven Mansaray MA Decertification 3/30/18 DBE
Midwest Premium Contractors, Inc. Kimberly Settles IA Denial 3/28/18 DBE
Poseidon Utilities Cheri Stahl CA Decertification 3/27/18 DBE
Innovative Commercial Environments Delinda O. Forsythe CA Decertification 3/27/18 DBE
E and C Development LLC Michal Chick , Rhonda Espy CA Decertification 3/27/18 DBE


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