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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
ANU RESOURCES UNLIMITED INC Cynthia Hengeli Ohio Decertification 4/12/19 DBE
ANDIS, LLC Dori Schweitzer Ohio Denial 4/12/19 DBE
BRADSHAW AND CRAWFORD ASSOCIATES, LLC Jacquelyn M. Richards Georgia Decertification 4/10/19 DBE
GOSALIA CONCRETE CONSTRUCTORS INC Jay Gosalia Ohio Decertification 4/9/19 DBE
DAYKAM MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS James E. Daniels Ohio Decertification 4/9/19 DBE
SC Pacific Corp Gregory Sakamoto Hawaii Decertification 4/9/19 DBE
G.W. Peoples Contracting Company, Inc. Melvin Clark Oklahoma Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
VALANCOURT INTERNATIONAL, LLC David P. Roberts Georgia Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
Enjoi Transportation, LLC Paulette Hamilton Oklahoma Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
Cylvale, LLC Sean Burreal Oklahoma Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
Coe Plumbing, Inc. Stacy Coe Oklahoma Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
Amino Brothers Co., Inc. Mary Sullivan Oklahoma Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
Amigo Fire Protection, LLC (DBE) Sylvia Villanueva Oklahoma Decertification 4/8/19 DBE
HUMAN RESOURCES CONSORTIUM INC Fred Mora Delaware Decertification 4/5/19 DBE
PROPERTY ACQUISITION SPECIALISTS LLC Kenneth P Weatherspoon Ohio Decertification 4/4/19 DBE
PEDRO PEREZ Pedro Perez Ohio Decertification 4/4/19 DBE
TNM CLEANING SOLUTIONS LLC Tisha M. Davis Ohio Decertification 4/4/19 DBE
Actuarial-Insurance Data Analyst Consulting, LLC Moise Lubin Hawaii Decertification 4/3/19 DBE
Coutlee Services LLC Eric Coutlee , Brent Coutlee Alaska Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
CCR, Inc. Sammie Washington Missouri Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
TnT Homes, LLC Tyrone Smith Missouri Decertification 4/2/19 DBE
SEEP, LLC Ronald C. Todd, Ii Ohio Decertification 4/1/19 DBE
ATLAS PRODUCE, LLC Sylvester Ballard Ohio Decertification 4/1/19 DBE


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