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U.S. DOT Annual Budget and Program Performance

U.S. DOT Annual Budget, Performance and Evaluation Overview

The U.S. Department of Transportation produces an annual budget and supporting documents as a part of the President’s budget process. Documents that accompany the budget include the Agency’s Annual Performance Plan and the Agency’s Evaluation Plan. Within the DOT, the Chief Financial Officer oversees all of the Department's annual budget requests and performance-related documents.

If you're interested in learning more about the DOT annual budget, the DOT budget and performance reports listed below can help. These documents provide Congress, the President, and the American people detailed information about DOT's stewardship over the financial resources entrusted to the Department as well as the progress it has made in reaching its transportation goals. 

budget highlight 2025

U.S. DOT Yearly Budget Highlights

Learn more about DOT's yearly budget highlights for current and prior fiscal years.

Budget Estimates

U.S. DOT Yearly Budget Estimates

The Department's annual performance planning is integrated into DOT's yearly budget submissions to Congress. Learn more about current and prior fiscal year Budget Estimates for all DOT operating administrations.

FY 2025 FY 2023 Annual Performance Plan & Report

Performance Plans and Reports

The Annual Performance Plans reinforce the connection between the long-term goals outlined in the Department’s Strategic Plan and the day-to-day activities. The Annual Performance Reports provide updates on program performance and achievements to enable policymakers, Federal managers, and the public to assess how well the Department has made use of its resources. Learn more about the current and prior fiscal years.

Strategic plan

U.S. DOT Strategic Plans

The U.S. DOT's Strategic Plan reimagines America's transportation system as the means by which we connect with one another, grow our economy, and protect the environment. Learn more about the DOT's current and prior Strategic Plan.

Program Inventory

U.S. DOT Program Inventory

The U.S. DOT includes 62 programs. Learn what's included in each of these programs, the strategic goals and objectives they support, and the total budgetary resources of each Operating Administration.

Search All U.S. DOT Yearly Budget Documents

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