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DOT News Digest 146-16

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DOT Issues New Enforcement Policy on Extended Tarmac DelaysThe Department’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings, a unit within the Office of the General Counsel, today issued a new enforcement policy on extended tarmac delays in light of the FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016 (2016 FAA Extension).  Under this new policy, the Office will not take enforcement action against U.S. and foreign airlines for lengthy tarmac delays on departing flights so long as airlines begin to return their aircraft to the gate or another suitable disembarkation point no later than three hours for domestic flights and no later than four hours for international flights after the main aircraft door has closed in preparation for departure.  This enforcement policy is consistent with the amendments to the tarmac delay requirements in section 2308 of the 2016 FAA Extension.  It applies to flights operated on or after July 15, 2016, the date President Obama signed the 2016 FAA Extension, and will remain in effect until the Department issues a final rule that specifically addresses lengthy tarmac delays pursuant to the 2016 FAA Extension.  Click here to read the new tarmac delay enforcement policy.  Contact:  Caitlin Harvey:  (202) 366-4570,