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What’s a Connected Vehicle Worth to You?

Connected vehicles (CVs) work by communicating with each other and the roadway infrastructure via dedicated shortrange communication. They are expected to eventually reduce non-impaired driver crashes by 80 percent, which will also significantly reduce traffic congestion. Researchers at Morgan...

Q&As about the FY2017 Regions 1, 2, and 3 Grant Solicitation


Question:  On 7/11/17 there was a question regarding the allowable font used within tables and figures. The response indicated that text inside tables and figures should be Arial 12. This would appear to be different than what's been...

FY05-FY10 UTCs Grantees

caption{display: none;} National University Transportation Centers Regional University Transportation Centers Tier I University Transportation Centers Tier II University Transportation Centers Title III University Transportation Centers Map National University Transportation...

2012 UTC Grantees

Regional UTCs Tier 1 UTCs Tier 1 Transit UTCs 2012 UTC Competition Map Regional UTCs   Region 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology New England University Transportation Center Center Theme Contact Information The...

Simulation: A multi-use tool for transportation safety

Date: 3/15/2017, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM EDTSpeaker: Dawn Marshall, Director of SAFER-Sim Univesity Transportation CenterOrganization: University of MarylandOST-R Office: Office of Research, Development and Technology (RDT) Abstract

After years of decline, traffic fatalities are increasing, leading...