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Reconnecting Communities Pilot Grant Program

Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program FY24 NOFO is now live and is due September 30, 2024.  Though the NOFO is open, the Valid Eval signup link is not yet available. We expect this to be a brief delay. Sign up for updates below to receive an email once the signup forms are open, or check the How to Apply page regularly.


Reconnecting Communities Pilot (RCP) Program Overview

The Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) has released an FY24 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Reconnecting Communities Pilot (RCP) program. This is a continuation of two previous rounds of RCP Funding in FY22 and FY23. The RCP Program focuses on improving access to daily needs such as jobs, education, healthcare, food, nature, and recreation, and foster equitable development and restoration, and provide technical assistance to further these goals. 

Funding for this fiscal year is a combined allocation of FY 2024, 2025, and 2026. Up to $607 million is available for planning, capital construction, and technical assistance. The funding will be implemented as appropriate and consistent with the priorities in Executive Order 14052. 

The Department will prioritize grant funding applications that demonstrate the following characteristics: 

  • Equity and Justice40 (i.e., will benefit economically disadvantaged communities)  
  • Access
  • Facility Suitability 
  • Community Engagement, and Community-based Stewardship, Management, and Partnerships  
  • Equitable Development 
  • Climate Change Mitigation and/or Adaptation and Resilience 
  • Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity 
  • Planning Integration 

Potential applicants who are interested in pursuing a reconnecting type project but are not prepared to submit funding requests within 90 days can submit a request for technical assistance through the Reconnecting Communities Institute. Many reconnecting projects are also eligible for funding under formula programs or eligible discretionary grant programs. More information can be found on DOT's Discretionary Grants Dashboard.

The Neighborhood Access and Equity (NAE) Program is now closed as all NAE funds were expended during the FY23 grant cycle. Please refer to the FY24 NOFO for more information.

Protected bike lane with city in the background.
Child crossing at a crosswalk.
Birds eye view of busy intersection with cars, pedestrian crossings, and a railroad.


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Grant Types

The RCP NOFO solicits grant applications for the Reconnecting Communities Pilot discretionary grant program, established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) USDOT offers two grant types:  

  • Capital Construction 
  • Community Planning 
Grant Type Objective(s) Funding
Capital Construction

To fund both reconnecting-focused projects and smaller projects focused on reducing environmental harm and improving access in disadvantaged communities. Projects may address:  

  • Removal of a dividing facility 
  • Enhance community connectivity 
  • Improved access by building or improving Complete Streets.

$457 Million available FY24

Community Planning

To provide funds for planning activities to support future construction projects and allow for innovative community planning to address localized transportation challenges. Projects may address: 

  • Community engagement activities  
  • Planning studies to assess the feasibility of removing, retrofitting, or mitigating an existing eligible facility to reconnect communities (for example: mobility, safety, environmental and public health impacts etc.).  
  • Conceptual or preliminary engineering or design 
  • Other needs including land-us and zoning reform, transit-oriented development, housing supply, among others 

$150 Million available FY24


Awarded Projects

Explore Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods StoryMap, an interactive DOT virtual map that spotlights the historic context and need for this pilot, and the future we seek to establish through reconnection and restoration of communities.


Graphic that illustrates percentages of awarded projects in FY 24

Please follow the links bellow to learn more about the FY23 & FY22 awarded projects:


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