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Research and Reports


Airfare Data

The Department of transportation collects air fare data and prepares them in compliance with Section 155 of Pub L. 106-181, to be used in the development of Airport Competition Plans. One component of the Competition Plan is an evaluation of the submitting airport’s fares compared to those at other large and medium airports. The fare and traffic data is developed to provide a basis for the requisite analysis. The source of all data is the DOT’s Origin and Destination Survey.

A key aspect of deregulation of the airline industry in 1978 was the discontinuation of the government’s regulation of the prices that airlines charge customers. While the government no longer regulates the fares that are charged, the Department does provide considerable information to the public with respect to airline fares. The Department through the Office of Aviation Analysis issues the Domestic Airline Consumer Airfare Report on a quarterly basis, which provides information about average prices being paid by consumers in the top 1,000 domestic city-pair markets in the continental United States. These markets account for over 70% of all domestic air travel. A section of the report provides real life examples of concerns and or information pertaining to U.S. airline service to various U.S. cities.

Airline Financial Review

On a quarterly basis the Office of Aviation Analysis produces a report (Financial and Traffic Review) that provides detailed information on the financial condition of U.S. airlines. The information includes staff comments, charts, and tables.

 U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics

The U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics report has been developed to provide the public with additional access to international aviation data relating to service and traffic levels in specific international markets. The report is restricted to nonstop commercial traffic between international points and U.S. airports.

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