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Environmental Stewardship and Transportation Infrastructure Project Reviews

About this Document

This is the first annual status report on activities and progress made in response to Executive Order (EO) 13274: Environmental Stewardship and Transportation Infrastructure Project Reviews (signed on September 18, 2002, by President George W. Bush). EO 13274 is designed “to promote environmental stewardship in the Nation’s transportation system and expedite environmental reviews of high-priority transportation infrastructure projects.”

This report, required by the EO, describes progress of priority project selected under this EO, activities implemented by Task Force member agencies, and recommendations for improving the environmental review process. EO implementation is coordinated by the interagency Transportation Infrastructure Streamlining Task Force (the Task Force), chaired by the Secretary of Transportation, with members from eight Federal agencies that have key roles in the environmental review process for transportation infrastructure projects.

Agencies represented on the Task Force are: the Departments of Transportation, Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, and Defense; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation; and the Council on Environmental Quality.