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The U.S. Brazil Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Workshop

August 2017

The United States Department of Transportation, the Brazilian Ministry of Transport, Ports, and Civil Aviation, and the Brazilian National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ), in coordination with the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State, conducted a three-day Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications, architecture, and standards workshop in Brasilia, Brazil in August 2017. Held under the auspices of the U.S.-Brazil Transportation Partnership and attended by government transportation officials and decision-makers and the private sector, the workshop successfully advanced the transportation and trade cooperation between Brazil and the United States.

The primary objective of the workshop was to facilitate technical exchange that will help promote ITS and reinforce the implementation of National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP). Once fully implemented, NTCIP will result in interoperable and interchangeable ITS system equipment from different manufacturers, leading to reduced equipment, vehicle, and engineering costs and efficient deployments. The workshop also included discussions of the recent architecture evolution and the integration of Connected Vehicle (CV) support into the U.S. Reference Architecture released in June 2017. The Reference Architecture for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation may be accessed at

Through presentations and case studies, this technical exchange demonstrated the benefits of interoperability and integration of new technologies into transportation systems, provided updates on transportation technology objectives and challenges to implementation, and identified next steps in successful implementation of ITS standards.

Below are links to presentations in Portuguese provided during the workshop.

  1. Visão geral: O Programa Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) dos EUA
    Overview: The US Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program
  2. Estudos de caso da interoperabilidade de tecnologia de frete:Sistemas avançados de informação ao viajante de frete
    Case Studies in Freight Technology Interoperability: Freight Advanced Traveler Information Systems
  3. Estratégias de transporte que se beneficiam da interoperabilidade de tecnologia: Corredores integrados
    Transportation Strategies that Benefit from Technology Interoperability: Integrated Corridors
  4. Sistemas de Transporte Inteligente (ITS):Coordenação Inter-Agências e Compartilhamento de Informação
    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS):Inter-Agency Coordination and Information Sharing
  5. ARC-IT v8 –A nova arquitetura e ferramentas nacionais de ITS
    ARC-IT v8 –The New National ITS Architecture & Tools
  6. Referência de Arquitetura Harmonizada de Normas Técnicas (HARTS)
    Harmonized Architecture Reference for Technical Standards (HARTS)
  7. Visão geral do processo de engenharia de sistemas
    Systems Engineering Process Overview
  8. Os benefícios de usar padrões ITS
    The Benefits of Using ITS Standards
  9. Padrões em uso: Protocolos NTCIP e ITS cooperative
    Standards in Use: NTCIP and Cooperative-ITS Standards
  10. Exemplo de padrões de hardware ITS
    Example ITS Hardware Standards
  11. Estudo de Caso NTCIP: Nova Iorque Implanta Sistemas de Controle de Tráfego Baseado em Normas
    NTCIP Case Study: New York Deploys Standards-Based Traffic Control Systems
  12. Padrões de ITS atuais e emergentes
    Current & Emerging ITS Standards
  13. Michigan DOT Atividades de parceria e cooperação entre agências
    Michigan DOT Partnership Activities and Inter-Agency Cooperation
  14. Uso de padrões em implantações -Definir as bases futuras
    Case Study: Use of Standards in Deployments-Setting the Future Foundation
  15. Michigan DOT ITS e Frete
    Michigan DOT ITS and Freight
  16. Fronteiras internacionais Estudos de caso nos EUA
    International Border Crossings Case Studies in the U.S.
  17. ITS Urbano: Próxima Geração de ITS no Zona Urbana Densa da Cidade de Nova Iorque
    Urban ITS: Next Generation ITS in New York City’s Dense Urban Environment
  18. Visão geral das iniciativas do mercado ITS dos EUA
    Overview of U.S. ITS Market Initiatives
  19. USTDA  Apresentaçãopara o Workshop de ITS Multimodal
    USTDA Overview for the Multimodal ITS Workshop in Brasília
Last updated: Thursday, September 7, 2017