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FOIA Electronic Reading Room - Category One

Final Opinions/Orders in Adjudicated Cases

Aviation, Hazardous Materials, and Motor Carrier-Related Decisions


Decisions by ALJs and/or the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs [1996-present]

These decisions are located in unless otherwise indicated.  To facilitate searching, docket numbers, applicable statutes, or other descriptive terms (subjects) are provided.

Tips for Finding ALJ Decisions in

  • Aviation Safety Civil Penalty Decisions
  • Hazardous Materials Safety Civil Penalty Decisions
  • Motor Carrier Safety Civil Penalty Decisions
  • Airport-Airline Fees/Rates and Charges Decisions (49 USC 47129; 14 CFR part 302, subpart E)
    • Los Angeles Airport
      • Asst. Sec’y Final Decision DOT-OST-1997-2329-0012 (LAX II)
      • ALJ Recommended Decision DOT-OST-2007-27331-0184 (LAX III)
      • Asst. Sec’y Final Decision DOT-OST-2007-27331-0198 (LAX III)
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-2007-27331-0204 (LAX III)
    • Miami Airport
      • ALJ Recommended Decision DOT-OST-1996-1965-0122
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-1996-1965-0138
    • Newark Airport
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-2000-7285-0015
      • ALJ Recommended Decision DOT-OST-2005-20407-0116
      • Asst. Sec’y Final Decision DOT-OST-2005-20407-0129
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-2005-20407-0133
  • Airline Fitness/Citizenship Decisions (49 USC chapters 411, 413)
      • ALJ Recommended Decision DOT-OST-2002-13089-0594
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-2002-13089-0605
    • Trans Borinquen Air, Inc.
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-1999-6173-0002 & -0006
      • Asst. Sec’y Order DOT-OST-2000-6777-0003 & -0007
    • Virgin America, Inc.
      • Asst. Sec’y Orders DOT-OST-2005-23307-15160 & -15161

Decisions by the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs [1996-present]

These decisions are located in unless otherwise indicated.  To facilitate searching, applicable statutes or other descriptive terms (subjects) are provided.

  • Aviation Economic Violation Enforcement Proceedings (14 CFR 302.402 et seq.)
  • Aviation Economic Orders [1996-2002] and Decisions [1996-present] (subjects include routes, domestic air carrier fitness, slot exemption (Washington Nat’l Airport, 49 USC 41719), Essential Air Service (EAS) (49 USC 41731-42), Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) (49 USC 41743), Alaska and international mail rates (49 USC chapter 419, 14 CFR Part 302), air carrier permit/exemption (49 USC 40109, 41301-07, 14 CFR Part 204 & Part 302, subparts B and C), and anti-trust immunity (49 USC 41308-09, 14 CFR Part 204)
    • Sun Country Airlines (slot exemptions) DOT-OST-2000-7182-1800
    • BWI Airport (SCASDP) DOT-OST-2009-0149-0474
  • Airline Prices/Routes/Services Preemption Decisions (49 USC 41713)
    • Tinicum Township (Privilege Fee/Anti-Head Tax) DOT-OST-2007-29341-0015
    • Hawaiian Airlines DOT-OST-2006-2561-0190
    • Love Field DOT-OST-1998-4363-0100 & -0116

Decisions by the Deputy General Counsel [1996-present]

These decisions are located in  To facilitate searching, descriptive terms (subjects) are provided, with direct links to the 2009 Consent Orders and 2010 Consent Orders.

  • Aviation Enforcement Consent Orders (subjects include unauthorized operations, consumer protection/advertising, discrimination/disability, and reporting)

Joint Decisions by the Secretary of Transportation and the FAA Administrator [2010-present]

  • Aviation Economic Decisions
    • Delta/US Airways (slot exemptions) FAA-2010-0109-0077

Other Decisions

* Personal privacy information has been redacted from these decisions based on FOIA Exemption 6.

Updated: Monday, December 18, 2017
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